5 alternatives to turkey this Christmas


Published: Tuesday 11th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, high in protein and one of the lowest fat contents of all meat, but seriously, every year?

They say a change is as good as a rest, so here’s 5 delicious alternatives to turkey that will keep your table sparkling this Christmas.


Let’s start at the opposite end of the spectrum, beef can be quite fatty, but if you get a good joint it can be an exceptional Christmas alternative to turkey. Beef saves for nearly twice as long as your favourite bird too.

Tip: Roast gently over a long period rather than quickly and on a high heat. You can baste beef just like you would turkey and it helps to keep a little water in the roasting tin.

A joint of beef is only as good as its gravy. Try our great recipe for making your own using the juices from the roasting tin.

Duck breast & orzo salad

Duck can actually be very healthy if you know how to cook it. The main thing to remember is that you only need a tiny bit of oil (if any) even if pan-frying, but we recommend you try using the grill.

Get amazing flavour from your duck by infusing the oil you do use with your favourite herbs and lightly rubbing it on the duck breast before grilling. Your average breast will need around 4 minutes per side and the same to rest before slicing.

Because it’s a heavier meat, whatever you serve duck with should be light and flavoursome like a vinegary salad made with waxy beans and orzo.

Duck is great at Christmas because it’s versatile and can be re-used in say a Boxing Day curry.

Fish pie

Okay we are getting less traditional, but this is a great one for the pescitarians amongst us.  Go all out with this dish with Maris Piper potatoes and improvise with your favourite fish.

Not very much use on Boxing Day but packed with antioxidants to keep you awake right through your favourite Christmas day board games with Grandpa.

Ham glazed with ginger

Ham has been a Christmas meat for along time, usually making an appearance sliced up on Boxing Day. Well maybe it’s time to promote this classic joint and serve it up with a twist on Christmas day itself.

A good ham is all in the cooking and preparation. Cook it well before serving and give it plenty of time to rest and cool before pre-heating in foil and adding your glaze.

Chestnut, spinach and blue cheese en-croute  (vegetarian) – We’re still perfecting this – recipe coming soon. 

Even the carnivores will love this.  You can make your own pastry for this, but why not buy in the pre-done puff pastry and focus on the insides.

The ideal vegetables for this are leeks, spinach and courgette.

Use vegetable stock for the sauce with a little cream and thicken with cornflower if needed.

Like fish pie, this is not going to last very long after cooking but makes a great centre piece and a delight for vegetarians.

Got any questions, alternatives or success stories about these recipes just add your comment below: 

Published: Tuesday 11th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (0)

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