6 Signs They Hate Their Christmas Present


Published: Friday 5th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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You’re a thoughtful gift giver right? You make an effort to find something a person will like. You take pride in wrapping, and you’re excited to see their face when you hand it over on Christmas morning. 

But in a World obsessed with averting disappointment, it can be hard to tell what people are really thinking when they finally unwrap your gift.

So to put you one step ahead of the psychology this Christmas morning , here’s our (slightly cynical) guide to the 6 signs that show you’ve got a present hater on your hands.

1. They repeat the name of the gift. 

A tell tale sign that the recipient is unhappy inside is if they say the name of the gift out-loud…”Ah socks”. Listen carefully for this as they open your gift.

2. “I was thinking about getting one of these myself”

No they weren’t. Pretending they were going to buy the very thing you’ve gotten them is a favourite strategy for the present hater. If they were really going to buy one, chances are they already would.

3. They try it on now

Present haters are often so appalled with the maroon cardigan you picked out, they feel compelled to wrap themselves in it immediately to try to show they like it. On Christmas morning the country will be full of people wearing nothing but pyjamas and a new ski jacket.

If someone really hates your gift the instant trying on will lead on to a complete ‘over-wearing’ of the garment. And as Christmas day wears on, they will pass you by frequently feeling and commenting on the quality of the material and asking others to do the same.

4. The gift receipt 

The recipient, although applaud by your present, plots that they could return it for something else, or better still get a refund. Thankfully retailers are on to this trick and now offer a gift receipt often for exchange only. Even the most brazen present hater will wait a few days pass before they ask you for the receipt, but some really despicable ones will even tell you that it’s the wrong size or that they already have one.

5. The immediate unboxing 

With so many gifts on Christmas morning it’s not humanly possible for anyone to unbox and play with / build / construct everything. It’s natural therefore for someone who feels the guilt of ungratefulness to begin with the one they like least. If your gift is the first one they go for, I’m afraid it’s bad news. Be on guard for this fake enthusiasm.

6. The impossible truth

Finally, there is a microscopic chance that someone will actually tell you that they don’t like your gift… “thank you, but it’s not for me”. I know, that statement sounds astonishing doesn’t it, and would silence any family gathering on Christmas morning.

The very unlikeliness of this happening, we feel, gives weight to the existence of the first 5 signs on the list which must be monitored at all cost.

We suggest a casually placed enquiry 7 to 10  days after Christmas to check how your recipient is getting on with your gift. Are they still wearing it religiously, does it have pride of place and does it still fascinate them to twiddle with its dials and fiddle with its flaps. Or are they making excuses? “It’s in the wash”,  “it had to be repaired” ,  “I left it in the car”. If you suspect something is awry, then you know the score.

Happy shopping. If you need help with what to buy, get inspiration from our Christmas shopping page.

Published: Friday 5th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (0)

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