8 Beautiful old pictures of Hull at Christmas


Published: Wednesday 19th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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As the city gets ready for another Christmas which promises to be bigger than ever, our friends over at ‘Hull – The Good Old Days’ sent us some archive pics of Hull at Christmas over the years.

1. In 1963 the Christmas Rocket made its appearance outside City Hall. You can see the old phone box advertising in the background and the sorely missed Sydney Scarborough record shop.


2. Same scene as above from the opposite view.


3.  The Christmas Tree at Paragon Station from Hull Daily Mail 


4. Hammonds (House of Fraser) always a focal point at Christmas, if only they could bring back the grotto on the 3rd floor.


5. Where else would you buy your Christmas Jewellery but the old Paragon Jewellers, beautifully lit. Hull-Christmas-5r

6. King Edward Street was the place for Christmas window shopping back in the day. You can just about make out the trolly bus running on overhead wires on the right.



7. King Edward Street again from a slightly different angle. We think this even pre-dates Fletchers on the corner.


8. And here is the long lost fountain adorned in Christmas lights now clearly showing a bustling Fletchers.


If you have any Christmas memories from Hull & East Yorkshire or any pictures form the past then please comment below or send them to heytoday@kcmedia.com


Published: Wednesday 19th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (0)

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