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Published: Friday 5th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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The Magical Tea Machine is a new invention in the long history of tea making, but with very traditional roots. Fired by an original copper boiler, it has pipes, bells, whistles and even a model train track chugging around it. And in its first year of operation, the East Riding based pop-up catering stand has been wowing customers at fairs and events around the region.

As they prepare to debut the concept at Beverley’s Festival of Christmas, HEYToday caught up with local Co-Founders Andrew Harper and Andrew Paxton to talk about the business and about making customers smile as they serve up their tea.

On first inspection, the magical team machine is a strange but alluring contraption, which as the name suggests makes tea. Powered by the sun and a wood fire, it’s a one of a kind invention complete with mythical Victorian roots.

According to the companies website, it’s beginnings were at the Great Exhibition in 1851, where inventors Boris Harper and Walter Paxton created a machine that would revolutionise the way people bought hot drinks. Tragically, a fire ravaged the exhibition and the tea machine was lost forever… that is until now.

Andrew Paxton & Andrew Harper

Inventors: Something familiar?

“We created the Magical Tea Machine as a part-time business venture and as something visual and interesting to take to festivals in the area, says Andrew Harper, who along with friend Andrew Paxton spent many months constructing the fascinating machine.

“It’s been a great success and people have reacted well to it.”

“There are so many food and beverage vendors these days, but a lot of them are quite similar so we wanted to create something special and the mythical Victorian back story helps to generate the magic and fun which is what the Tea Machine is all about”

If you were at the Freedom Festival in the Summer, you would have seen the Tea Machine in action brewing tea and other hot drinks for the crowds that flocked to the 3 day event.

“The Freedom Festival was one of our biggest and best events, it was a great experience for us and for people who visited our stand”.

Team Machine - Freedom Fest

Freedom Festival: The Magical Team Machine was one of the most popular and eye catching caterers at the 3 day event.

Next up is Beverley’s award winning Festival of Christmas, now in its 15th year.

“We’re really excited to be part of Beverley’s Festival of Christmas,” said Co-Founder Andrew Paxton. We’re planning to make it a magical experience for all our customers with our Victorian soundtrack and costumes.”

“We’ve been developing some new creations in our drinks selection, so anyone who fancies a great hot chocolate to warm you up should pop over and see us.

“We’ll have some local cakes and snacks on offer too. The theme is Victorian which means the event is a perfect match for our Magical Tea Machine.”

The business partners told HEYToday that building the Tea Machine from scratch was a challenge: “We had a few false starts and one explosion, but we persevered and it was really worth it, especially when we see how much people appreciate the experience” Said Andrew Harper who along with Andrew Paxton serves up the drinks and prepare the food.

Tea Machine

Tea’s up: Co-Founders Andrew Paxton and Andrew Harper prepare for their Beverley debut.

“I’m from a catering background, and we both have experience in story telling which is essentially what the Tea Machine is about. It tells the story of a beautiful machine, once thought lost, but now restored back to life” said Andrew Paxton.

We certainly think that the result is spectacular and the drinks *slurp* are pretty good, well worth a visit.

Beverley Festival of Christmas takes place on Sunday 14th December, you can find details on our events page. 





Published: Friday 5th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (1)
  • wilson

    Charming and tasty food too,…very magical !

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