Reasons to be happy about the clocks going forward

Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by Tom Drinkall

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Don’t get caught out – the clocks go forward one hour at 1am on Sunday 29 March.

Although we’re not happy to be losing an hour this weekend, here’s a few things we can’t help but feel a little bit excited about…

Bank Holidays

So we may be losing an hour in bed this weekend, but we’ll be more than making up for it during the Easter Bank Holiday. Plus, next weekend is just the start of bank holiday season – with two more long weekends to look forward to in May.

Lighter nights

At HEYToday HQ, we’ve already noticed the night’s are just starting to get brighter and we can’t wait for that extra bit of sunshine every night, longer days are an instant mood lift.

Better weather

…(hopefully!) After all of the rain we’ve had this week, we’re looking forward to warmer weather. Sunshine means BBQ’s, summer walks and ice cream and we can’t wait.

Do you feel happier when the clocks go forward? Let us know.

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Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by Tom Drinkall

Comments (1)
  • Why don’t we stop messing about with the time and leave it well alone.
    Yes OK we gain an hour when we put the clocks back and lose an hour putting them forward.
    Apparently they practice this stupid routine in approximately 70 countries world wide with many variations but trust Britain to do it.
    It is pointless and causes lots of time discrepancies, not only that it must have a harmful effect on some businesses.
    There is no point to this practice whatsoever in Britain I feel just a British habit, so OK you gain a bit of light at one end of the day but then again you lose that light at the other end.
    I have also heard it said that the practice is to help in Scotland but I would bet most people there would settle for leaving things just as they are.
    The amount of messing about changing the times of Watches, clocks, Video machines, even Cookers and so many other things.
    There are many countries who practice this but also some coutries like Russia have decided to end time changes.
    Britian should set the standard and stop this silly pointless practice NOW!

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