Make yourself some Cupboard Soup – exclusive East Hull recipe

Published: Friday 31st October 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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The name Cupboard Soup won’t mean much to you right now but after this we’ll be surprised if you’re not heading to the stove to make a pot.

A family recipe from the heart of East Hull, Cupboard Soup is a dish for when your fridge is bare. When it’s cold outside and there’s not much in. When all you need from your food is comfort , found in the shape of a wholesome and heart-warming soup.

The essence of Cupboard Soup is to open the cupboard and fish out what you can to make your own version of this family dish. The rules are flexible and the end result tailored to your liking. There’s an element of surprise to the dish that Cupboard Soupers simply adore.

Warming the hearts of Hull 

The recipe depends on what you find when you open your cupboards. But here is the definitive version written creatively by Chrissie Harper, who’s been making Cupboard Soup for her family for over 35 years.

“As cold nights turn us to the warmth of our homes and summer memories flicker. We forget our fragrant gardens and think of what to do inside. A chance to breeze kitchen cupboards, wiping shelves and racks. Harvesting the little bits and bats that lie therein as we ponder the passage of winter stretching out ahead.

This is how Cupboard Soup began.

Pearl barley, old lentils, dried onions, stock cubes, marmite, bag bottom bits of pasta, rice, stuffing mix – chuck them in the pan.

Water, glugs of oil, pepper and any old dried spices you can find.

Then, try the fridge: There’s always a carrot, curled up celery or a tomato looking sad.

All in the pan, and let it simmer.

Once the lentils are tender, old dried crusts of cheese can be grated in the Cupboard Soup as it chunters on the stove.

Soon you can try a spoonful yourself, a little salt maybe? It depends on your taste, it’s your creation after all.

Eat with doorstep bread, chunks of cheese on toast or just on its own.

Chrissie Harper 

Chrissie Harper has lived in Hull all her life and has featured art work in The Ferrens Gallery and elsewhere around the city. She has been making Cupboard Soup for her family for over 35 years.


Cupboard Soup Godess: Chrissie Harper

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Published: Friday 31st October 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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