Celebrity Christmas health tips

Published: Sunday 7th December 2014 by The News Editor

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With rich puddings, huge turkeys and lashings of booze, Christmas can really take its toll on your figure.

But here a host of celebrities reveal their personal health tips to help you stay well and keep up the festive spirit this Christmas.

Victoria Pendleton, 34, Olympic gold-medal winning track cyclist

“In the winter, I’m very aware of keeping my immune system healthy, so I ensure I eat vitamin-enriched foods, take multi-vitamins and fish oil supplements.

“Every morning, I do a three kilometre power walk with my dogs, followed by a 40-minute run, or a work-out.

“On my Christmas list is a punch bag so I can do some boxing!”

Top tip: “I’m a fan of natural remedies. I rely on rest and a remedy of a hot drink made with water, a dollop of Manuka honey and a squirt of lemon.”

2015 health resolution: “To do yoga and Pilates because they’re so good for mental as well as physical wellbeing, and to take my final exam so I’m a qualified personal trainer.”

Happy factor: “I want to work out which direction to follow so I have the most impact.

“I love so many things, from personal training to TV and writing work, as well as all my cycling interests, so it’s hard to choose which way to go.”

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Jodie Kidd, 36, model and TV personality

“Winter is a tricky time for health and I’m a great believer in healthy juices made from raw vegetables to improve vitamin intake and help the body fight off bugs.

“Keeping the body as alkaline as possible is key, so it’s better able to resist illness. Our diet at home includes lots of vegetables whole-grains and HoneyGar, a blend of cider vinegar and honey.”

TOP TIP: “If I feel under the weather, I take Propolis, a compound produced by bees, to help boost the immune system.

“I also swear by a daily booster dose of vitamin C, in a preparation, Emergen-C.”

2015 health resolution: “Every new year, I make and break a promise to myself to go to the gym! So I’ll aim to just keep on with my normal health regime.”

Happy factor: “Life’s wonderful already – I got married in the summer and my son, Indio [three] is a constant joy.

“I just want to keep balancing my life and enjoying work and family.”

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Gabby Logan, 41, TV and sport presenter

“Winter’s challenging; when it’s dark and cold outside, all you want to do is stay home and comfort eat!

“I try to stick to a routine throughout the year incorporating at least an hour’s exercise every day.

I like cycling outdoors, but if the weather’s too bad I go on the cross-trainer in my garage.

I do a workout as early as I can so it’s out of the way and it gives me energy for the day.”

2015 health resolution: “Making more time for a run, a round of golf, or reading will help me relax and re-focus.”

Happy factor: “A good work/life balance is key, so remembering that while goals and work are important, spending time and having fun with family and my children is vital for my happiness.”

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Published: Sunday 7th December 2014 by The News Editor

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