Hull University delighted to be involved in City of Culture

Published: Monday 1st June 2015 by KCFM

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They’ve been named as one of the partners helping make the year a success.

Part of their role will be to research the impact that 2017 will have on the city, which will then help other City of Culture’s in the future.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Glenn Burgess, believes the benefits for the university will be huge:

“It’ll mean profile as it will for the city as a whole. It’ll mean a much better experience for our students but also the legacy will be important to us. I think it’ll raise the profile of the city, make it a much more attractive destination for our students to come to, and it will strengthen our research in the cultural industries.”

He says they’ll be encouraging their students to get involved:

“We’ll be leading on some of the volunteering work that’s a big part of the city of culture ambition and our students will be encouraged and I’m sure very keen to be involved as volunteers; but also potentially, they might find employment opportunities, internship opportunities and also get involved as artists in some cases.”

Professor Burgess says it was a “no-brainer” for the university to take part:

“There’s just so many things for the university in it. It’s obviously about promoting Hull because it’s a place we want to bring students to. But it’s also about giving our students the opportunity to be involved. It’s about giving them skills through internships and through volunteering that will help them get employed, and it’s a big research opportunity for us.”

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Published: Monday 1st June 2015 by KCFM

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