Hull’s £25m city centre revamp begins

Published: Thursday 16th April 2015 by The News Editor

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Hull’s £25 million city centre revamp has begun ahead of its year as City of Culture in 2017.

Excavations and ground surveys are being undertaken on the initial £12.7 million phase of the transformation.

This is in preparation for public art, street furniture, paving and fresh lighting being fitted in an area between the city’s Fruit Market and station.

The actual construction work is due to get underway this September in a bid to finish the project by the 2017 event.

Hull City Council’s officials said this opening phase should “maximise” the “unique heritage and character” of the city. They predict it will bring 500 fresh jobs and an extra £70 million retail turnover by 2025.

One of them, Martin Mancey, said that the workload before Hull is ready is “huge”.

Councillor Mancey called for residents and companies alike to stay patient while the revamp is ongoing and promised that the authority would do everything to keep disruption to a minimum.

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Published: Thursday 16th April 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (2)
  • Kevin Marshall

    And here’s me having to avoid big potholes all over the place because there isn’t any money for repairs! The libraries are closed for half the week because of council cut backs ! It’s mooted bin collections could be monthly ,because of council cut backs ! Crikey are we living in the real world? The city centre does not need the pavement lifted only to be replaced with posher ones for the visiting civic dignitaries to be hearded to,either the council is skint or it ain’t but the council tax bills keep on a coming,go figure……….We could ,,,COULD benefit by 70 million pounds in TEN YEARS time,come on the way things are we could all be talking Russian by then. The council is adrift from reality,go mend the roads you idiots.

  • Totally agree with Kevin Marshall…Hull should be renamed HULLPOTTY…The roads in Hull are atrocious…The council should wake up to reality and take their heads out of the clouds and stop planning on how to waste money with stupid ideas…All they have to do is ask the people of Hull on what they want done… it’s that simple…City of Culture for 2017…rename to City of Potholes 2017. I can see it now…”man arrested in Hull for drunk driving by the police” the case was dismissed when he told the court…”I wasn’t drunk I was only weaving in and out to miss the potholes”. To the council I say “YOU ARE FAILING IN YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE PEOPLE OF HULL”

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