Hull’s City of Culture announces more details for 2017

Published: Thursday 28th May 2015 by KCFM

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The City of Culture has announced it’s new partners and confirmed its themed seasons for the 2017 celebrations.

The University of Hull is one of three additional partners helping make the year a huge success, by offering academic research to see what impact will be felt across the city.

And the four themes of “Made in Hull”, “Roots and Routes”, “Freedom” and “Tell the World” will all celebrate Hull’s place in the world.

In full, Hull 2017’s new partners are:

Spirit of 2012 will work with Hull 2017 to help promote the transformative effects of arts and culture on the health and wellbeing of individuals and diverse communities. Their goal is to promote social cohesion and challenge the perceptions of disability to mirror Hull 2017’s focus on young people and diversity. It’s mission, therefore, is to ensure that every community in every part of the city has the opportunity to be involved.

British Council will be a key International Partner for Hull 2017. They’ll be working together on activities to stimulate greater artistic international exchange which will bring the best of world culture to the UK and will use Hull 2017 as a platform to share the best of the arts and culture the Uk has to offer with the rest of the world.

The University of Hull will be an Academic Research Partnet for Hull 2017, and will lead a programme of research into the impact Hull’s City of Culture year will have on the city. Results from the research will then be shared with future capitals of culture in the UK and beyond. The University will also act as the project’s archivist and make key contributions by way of venues and marketing for the 2017 programme.

Meanwhile the themes and seasons for 2017 will be:

Season 1 – Made in Hull January-March

In this opening season, Hull will welcome the world to the city – showcasing what the city makes and creates, from theatre, music and poetry to wind turbines, cream telephone boxes and caravans.

Season 2 – Roots & Routes April – June

Celebrating Hull’s place in the world, Roots & Routes will explore Hull’s past, present and future as a city at the heart of international trading and cultural networks, a place of migration and transitions, which is finding a new sense of self and purpose in a globalised, digital world.

Season 3 – Freedom July – September

Highlighting Hull’s pivotal role in the emancipation movement, our Freedom season will ignite debate in the still unfinished global journey towards equality and social justice.

Season 4 – Tell the World October – December

The final season of 2017 will, fittingly, explore what’s next for the UK’s City of Culture. Celebrating the qualities that make Hull stand apart – its fierce sense of independence, its individuality, integrity and sense of humour – this season will explore how Hull is redefining itself as part of a cultural and economic powerhouse of the north.

Martin Green, Chief Executive of Hull 2017 says:

“After six months of intensive planning and partnership building, we now have a detailed picture of our journey to and through 2017. Just as important, we have a more ambitious financial plan and the confidence of knowing that we have some excellent partnerships in place to help us deliver a spectacular year that is rooted in Hull and is global in ambition.

“Projects of this scale and complexity cannot be delivered without a host of committed partners on board and with more partnership announcements in the pipeline,we are raising the bar in terms of the quality and scale of the 2017 programme.

“The Council’s determination to maximise the impact of City of Culture means that it is now embarking on the biggest regeneration project in Hull’s history in a bid to get the city ready for 2017 and ensure it leaves a lasting legacy.

“Over the next 12 months, we’ll be working with our partners to let people know about all of the opportunities to get involved. In the meantime, I’d urge everyone who wants to be part of it to look at the seasons we’ve launched today and to press on with developing their creative ideas and events, thinking about where they will fit within the cultural calendar for 2017.”

Hull 2017 Chair, Rosie Millard, said:

“With just over 18 months to go to our first event, this is a very exciting time for the project. Our preparations are on track and on budget and, with the support of our partners and the public, we are ready to make Hull the centre of cultural activity and debate in the UK for a whole year.”

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Published: Thursday 28th May 2015 by KCFM

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