Turner Prize coming to Hull is a “major coup for the city” says City of Culture Chief Executive

Published: Thursday 28th May 2015 by KCFM

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The contemporary arts prize will come to Hull in October 2017 and will be a cornerstone of the the year long celebrations.

The Chief Executive of Hull’s City of Culture Company says hosting the Turner Prize is a major coup for the city.

Martin Green says the event will also boost the local economy:

“Derry/Londonderry saw 150,000 people come through; they’re people who are going to gonna eat here, stay here, drink here and shop here as well, so it’s the ripple effect of a major world class event like this which becomes really important to the life and the economy of the city.”

The exhibition will take place at Hull’s Ferens Art Gallery in October 2017.

Curator Kirsten Delaney says staging the exhibition in Hull gives the city a fantastic opportunity:

“They’ll not only see the Turner Prize but they’ll see the fantastic permanent collection which Hull has. So seeing the Turner Prize within that different context, because it is going to be different here, is a wonderful opportunity for the Ferens and for the city.”

Councillor Steven Bayes, Portfolio Holder for the City of Culture, says it’s all about making Hull a top visitor destination:

“This is one of those things that will make people look at the city and think it is a place they want to come and see. We’ve had to do a lot of hard work behind the scenes, with people that you never see, doing all the detail, getting the scheme ready, and of course we’ve had money from Government in order to help us achieve it.”

He says the city truly deserves to host the Turner Prize:

“Hull has always invested heavily in arts, museums and this is really a reward for all of that commitment. It will bring jobs, it will bring people to the city and it will raise our profile internationally.”

Councillor Bayes says there’s a lot of hard work ahead:

“We’ve now got to get the place emptied of pictures, which will probably happen later this year,  in order to bring the gallery up to the standard that’s necessary. It will create wealth and employment because people will come and that brings money with it and it brings jobs.”

The new Arts Council England Chief Exectutive, Darren Henley, will give his first official speech in Hull this afternoon.

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Published: Thursday 28th May 2015 by KCFM

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