11 of the best teas at Liquid Jade

Published: Thursday 27th April 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Tucked away in Zebedee’s Yard, Liquid Jade offers a wide range of ethically sourced loose leaf tea, freshly ground coffee and light bites.

The bright and airy cafe is situated in an old art classroom that was once part of the Hull Trinity House School. The owner, Claire Buffey, opened the tea bar almost two years ago, and since then her business has gone from strength to strength.

“When living in Liverpool, I frequently visited a loose leaf tea café. I’ve been hooked ever since,” Claire recalls. “I’m really interested in the health benefits of tea, including energy and relaxation.”

We paid a visit to the relaxing spot to sample some of the exciting flavours it has to offer.

“All of our herbal and leaf teas are exclusive to Liquid Jade,” continues Claire. “We take extra care to source them ethically and ensure the best quality for our customers.”

  1. Matcha latte

Firstly, we tried one of their new drinks, a matcha latte. Grown in the Izu region of Japan, matcha is believed to have spiritual and restorative properties.

Its bright green colour and frothy texture intrigues us as Claire mixes the tea with a bamboo whisk for extra flavour.

Tea 1 Matcha

  1. Lapsang souchong

“This tea is of Fujian origin,” Claire explains. “It has an acquired taste with a smoky aroma of pine fires.”

We can imagine sipping away at this black tea on a cold autumnal evening.

Tea 2 Lapsang

  1. Kiwi and strawberry

Meanwhile, her kiwi and strawberry tea is a lot lighter with a sweet berry flavour, making it perfect for summer.

The vibrant fruit taste is very refreshing, whilst the rich red liquid looks stunning in a glass teapot.

Tea 3 Kiwi and Strawberry

  1. Oolong

Claire brings out a pot of oolong next: “Its oxidation levels lie between black and green tea,” Claire explains.

Tea 4 Oolong

  1. Lemon and ginger

One of our favourite teas to drink if we’re a bit under the weather is lemon and ginger.

The hot beverage warms the belly and soothes a sore throat or tight chest.

Tea 5 Lemon and Ginger

  1. White tea

“China Pai Mu Tan is a naturally withered white tea,” the tea bar owner informs us. “It offers a smooth and delicate flavour.”

The tealeaves are also really beautiful, with hints of royal blue running throughout.

Tea 6 White Tea

  1. Rooibos

Rooibos, commonly known as Red Bush, is a smooth sweet alternative to a coffee or caffeinated tea.

“From South Africa, this tea is naturally caffeine-free, so it’s ideal for winding down in the afternoon and evening.”

Tea 7 Rooibos

  1. Apricot and peach

For a fruity twist on your morning cuppa, we highly recommend Liquid Jade’s apricot and peach tea.

Ideal for a spring day, this sweet black drink gives you the pick-me-up you need on a Monday morning.

Screen shot 2017-04-27 at 12.54.05

  1. Lemongrass and mint

Next up is a cup of lemongrass and mint tea. Claire explains that its surprising pink colour is created by the added ingredient of hibiscus petals.

“Our blend has no added flavours. We find that the combination of lemongrass and mint allows each sip to be full of flavours.”

Tea 9 Lemongrass

  1. Wake Up Tea

If you need a boost in the morning, grab a pot of Liquid Jade’s Wake Up Tea. The invigorating ingredients of ginseng and spearmint mean that it really packs a punch.

“The Argentinian-based tea is derived from the holly bush,” adds Claire.

Screen shot 2017-04-27 at 12.55.17

  1. English breakfast

Fancy something traditional? Claire’s English breakfast tea is just as delicious as the aforementioned herbal and whole-leaf brews.

The loose tealeaves provide a deeper flavour. Keep it black or enjoy it the British way with a splash of milk.

Tea 11 English

Open Monday-Saturday from 10am till 5pm, Liquid Jade can be found in Zebedee’s Yard, just off Whitefriargate. For more information, please visit their Facebook page.

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Published: Thursday 27th April 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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