Feast on small dishes with big flavours at 1884 Wine and Tapas

Published: Wednesday 16th August 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Across Hull Marina from the hugely successful 1884 Dock Street Kitchen sits its Spanish-inspired sister.

1884 Wine and Tapas is an elegantly designed, lavishly furnished and professionally run treat for anyone who loves small portions.

If you haven’t had tapas before, the idea is that you order as much or as little as you wish. Each dish is then brought out when it’s ready, and diners can begin eating as soon as there’s something in front of them to nibble.

You can of course order in rounds, although judging your level of hunger at the start and ordering everything in one go results in a table full of delicious bites to mix and match.

To start off we went for the homemade focaccia and oils with some Manchego. This is a great combination for whetting the appetite, as the herby bread goes very well with sheeps’ milk cheese.

Alongside this we had smoked hummus with flat breads and roasted peppers. This was a great choice, as the large amount of hummus was perfect for dipping as the other dishes arrived.

For example, the spicy rosemary battered prawns went very well with a generous dab of hummus. Meanwhile, the bolas de arroz (battered balls of saffron rice, chilli and garden peas) came with their own leaves and chilli aioli.

Being fans of spicy rice, we added a portion of paella to the mix. The delicious bed of saffron rice, roasted red peppers and garden peas comes with a choice of mussels or chorizo. We went for the former, which were a real treat thanks to their fresh ocean flavours.

Altogether we’d ordered six dishes between us to share, but it really is up to you how many you choose. Looking around at our fellow diners, we saw a dating couple with a table filled to the edges with delights, whilst a nearby family enjoyed a modest selection of vegetarian plates.

We debated adding another couple of dishes but instead agreed on dessert. Each of us was tempted by the pancakes more than anything else. These were beautifully light with a crispy edge, glazed in marmalade sauce with fresh strawberries and thick whipped cream. Sublime!

We’ve been to a few tapas restaurants and must say that 1884 Wine and Tapas ranks amongst the best.

However, something to bear in mind is that a lot of the dishes can be quite hot, with chillies being widely used across the menu. If you’re a fan of spicy foods, you can go wild. If not, you’ll still find a fair few dishes that are milder and no less mouthwatering.

As for the ambience, 1884 Wine and Tapas is perfect for all occasions. The interior design is high-end and fashionable, yet carefully designed to still make it relaxed and welcoming.

Whether visiting for a quick light bite or a Mediterranean feast, we highly recommend a visit. Make sure to choose a window view of the marina, or even eat al fresco next to the yachts and pleasure crafts.

1884 Wine and Tapas is located on Wellington Road West and open 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm daily, except Sundays, which sees it open 12pm-6pm for some delightful weekend dining.

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Published: Wednesday 16th August 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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