200 East Yorks homes at erosion risk

Published: Monday 23rd February 2015 by The News Editor

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Over 200 seaside homes are expected to disappear from the East Yorkshire landscape in the 100 years ahead due to coastal erosion, according to experts.

The North Sea’s erosive properties are likely to claim homes over a 45-mile stretch from Flamborough Head to Spurn Point.

Skipsea residents will be among the worst affected with about 20 properties likely to go.

The North Sea has gobbled up roughly 30 villages since the Roman era, with settlements near Skipsea such as Withow, Cleeton and Hyde all becoming casualties.

The authorities are financing sea defences at bigger communities such as Withernsea as well as strategic facilities, including the gas plant at Easington. But the massive cost of such defences means that other places are left to their own devices against the elements.

The coastline is typically retreating at between 1.5 and two yards every year and has moved about 12 miles during the past 10,000 years .

Erosion depends on location, with some settlements experiencing annual losses of up to 20 yards.

The Environment Agency believes coastal erosion will claim 7,000 Welsh and English properties in the 100 years ahead, The Guardian reported.

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Published: Monday 23rd February 2015 by The News Editor

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