2,500 patients at risk of losing GP surgery in Beverley

Published: Wednesday 17th June 2015 by KCFM

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Molescroft Surgery is due to close at the end of the month, unless their funding is increased.

A petition has now been started to save a doctors surgery in Beverley, which could be forced to close at the end of the month.

Around 2,500 people will be without a GP if the bid to save Molescroft Surgery is unsuccessful.

The surgery is due to close after its funding was cut by 40% over the next three years.

Practice Partner Dr Guy Clayton explains why this has happened:

“Unfortunately with us having a relatively young population in Beverley and it’s quite a low deprivation area as well, the combination of those two factors mean that we’re counted as having less need than some of the other surgeries. The funding has been cut really quite drastically and it’s really meant that we’re not able to break even and therefore we have to be faced with closure.”

By reducing the funds for the practice, it’s believed the money can go to support surgeries in more deprived areas.

But Dr Clayton says this approach is having unintended consequences:

“If you destabilise a surgery and take it’s funding away, it will close by default; And I can’t imagine the intention is to shut some surgeries to move funding to the other ones. Even the surgeries who have got the poorer patients in the more deprived areas, they’re also struggling. You can’t move it from one surgery to another when in fact both surgeries are struggling in the first place.”

He says that unless the funding formulas are changed, we could see a domino effect of surgery closures:

“Once one surgery goes down, the pressure then moves on to a different surgery and the danger is that if that one’s struggling as well, that will fall, and of course the problem then falls to the next one down the line. So I know full well that we’re not the only surgery in this region who are in difficulties, trying to be the best to provide a good service for the patients, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult.”

In a statement, Julie Warren, Locality Director, NHS England (North Yorkshire and Humber) said;

“We have been meeting with Dr Clayton regularly since January this year to agree a solution for the future of the surgery and have discussed a number of options.

“A number of potential service providers have expressed an interest in joining Dr Clayton in his contract with NHS England (Yorkshire and Humber). Discussions are progressing with a local service provider and we are hopeful arrangements can be finalised before the end of the month.

“NHS England (Yorkshire and Humber) are committed to ensuring the highest quality primary care for patients and we are working closely with the practice  to ensure there is no disruption to services for patients. We will also ensure patients are informed once arrangements have been finalised.”

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Published: Wednesday 17th June 2015 by KCFM

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