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Published: Thursday 29th December 2016 by Courtney Farrow

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Whilst beer has always been a popular beverage in the UK, recent years have seen the craft beer revolution make a huge difference to what the nation drinks.

With big brand labels and even lagers in general being snubbed for small brewery creations, craft beer encourages the drinker to indulge their sense of adventure. This is because independent breweries make their beers in much smaller batches, allowing them to experiment with all sorts of ingredients and flavours.

So rather than popping down to the pub and having two or three standard drinks to choose from, you could be welcomed by a dozen unique types on tap. These can range from hoppy IPAs to dark, rich stouts, with everything from the creamy to the floral available in-between.

Luckily for people in Hull, huge selections of proper beer can be found in numerous places. Good examples are Furleys on Princes Dock Street, Head of Steam in Trinity Square, 80 Days Bier Haus on Princes Avenue, The People’s Republic on Newland Avenue, and about a dozen pubs and bars in the city’s Old Town area.

Then of course there are the countless pubs across East Yorkshire, many of which host a selection of locally produced beers.

To get you started, here are some of our current favourites.

Shepherd’s Watch – Wold  Top Brewery

Rich, dark and heavier than most other Wold Top creations, you’ll love sniffing the fruity aroma of Shepherd’s Watch as much as you do guzzling down its indulgent liquid.

Boasting roasted barley and pale chocolate malt, the experts at Wold Top recommend drinking this dark ale from a large wine glass, accompanied by hot mince pies or fruit cake.

Chances are you’ll probably only manage one or two of this luxurious drink, so take your time.

Frothingham Best – Great Newsome Brewery

A dark amber robust bitter from an award-winning brewery, Frothingham Best lives up to its name.

Offering a pleasing aroma of raisin fruit, hazelnut, resin hop and peach fruit tones, the satisfying beverage delivers all the way through to its sweet finish.

Very easy to drink, whether you’re relaxing at home in front of the telly or catching up with friends in the pub.

Camomile VP – Atom Beers

This concoction from Atom Beers, the brewery that’s mad about science, is a little different from most others.

Using the finest camomile from the Blending Room in Hull, Camomile VP offers a floral quality that complements its malts and hops nicely.

The first few sips might be surprising, but after that we think you’ll have a new addition to your top beers.

Bosphorous 1875 – Bricknell Brewery

This small-scale brewery makes batches of just 140-150 litres, putting the emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Often found in Larkin’s on Newland Avenue, their beers are playful in terms of flavour yet serious when it comes to consistency.

Bosphorous 1875 is a dark ruby ale, which you tend to come across less often than other types of beer. Based on a Victorian recipe, its pale, crystal and black malts combined with Fuggle hops creates a rich, malty, delicate bitterness that’s easy to drink and very enjoyable.

Yorkshire Passion – Yorkshire Brewing Company

With a medium-yellow colour, Yorkshire Passion presents a good malt beer with the tropical flavouring of passion fruit.

Light and moderately sweet, the gentle tang remains throughout, resulting in a pleasant, easy-sipping pint.

Beers infused with fruit juices such as this one offer something a bit different to your average tipple. Plus they’re a mini adventure for the taste buds without going overboard.

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Published: Thursday 29th December 2016 by Courtney Farrow

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