5,000 Hull people received emergency food last year

Published: Wednesday 22nd April 2015 by KCFM

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The Trussell Trust says more people in Yorkshire and the Humber used their foodbanks last year than ever before.

Over 60,000 people across our region received three days of emergency food; that’s the same size as the population of Dewsbury.

Sarah Sidwell from Hull Foodbank says they’re helping people who’ve been pushed to breaking point:

“The general feedback, when we ask how this foodbank helped you, are things like, ‘Without the help and support from the foodbank, I fully believe I would have had my children taken off me and put into care and I don’t think I’d be around today’. That is heartbreaking that this person feels like that.”

Hull foodbank helped over 5,000 people last year and Sarah believes the welfare changes are forcing more people to seek help:

“Just under half of all of our referrals are based around benefit crisis types and then after that it’s low income at 18%. I am just amazed at still how high our numbers are in Hull for people being referred to us. People are struggling more.”

But Sarah thinks there are many others who don’t seek support:

“People don’t come to us straight away. It’s not ‘Oh I’m going to go and get support;’ It’s ‘How else can I get food? Do I go to a family member? Do I sell the items in my home? Do I look at moving?’ If you’ve got nothing coming in, it’s very very difficult to survive.”

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Published: Wednesday 22nd April 2015 by KCFM

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