A Hull travel company says some people are still willing to holiday in Tunisia following terror attacks

Published: Tuesday 30th June 2015 by KCFM

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Andrew Earle says some people are still prepared to fly there as planned whilst others have asked to change their destination.

A Hull travel agency says many holidaymakers have pulled out of planned breaks to Tunisia following the recent terror attacks.

It’s after a number of British tourists were killed in the mass shooting, including two people from East Yorkshire were confirmed as Claire Windass from Hull and Bruce Wilkinson from Goole.

But some people are still opting to travel to the country, whilst others have asked for an alternative destination.

It’s expected that Tunisia’s tourism industry is likely to suffer in the short term following the terror attacks.

However, Travel Agent Owner Andrew Earle is confident the country will eventually regain its reputation, but says there are issues which need addressing first:

“I personally would have preferred it if the tour operators had said, ‘Look, let’s just postpone travel for the next month for Tunisia, make it nice and clear for people’. Make sure that all of the security arrangements are checked and make sure that if people are going to go back as tourists, they can feel safe and enjoy themselves.”

He expects visitor numbers to Tunisia to eventually return to normal but for the moment says some people will be put off:

“One gentleman’s prepared to travel. He thinks that the fact that this has happened is going to make it a safer place. So he’s quite comfortable to travel; whereas we’ve got another customer, due to go on the same day, who absolutely doesn’t want to go. That seems to be the pattern. You still want to go, but it might not be to Tunisia.”

Mr Earle says the country’s tourism industry will have to work hard to restore confidence:

“This is just devastation for them. Nearly a seventh of their gross domestic product is tourism; they need it. They do need to get its image back on track, quite how they’re going to do it, I’m not sure. This is beyond what I would have expected. It’s almost like a video game this guy’s been playing out.”

Tunisia says it expects to lose at least a quarter of its earnings from tourism this year, because of Friday’s terror attack.

In the meantime, the Hull travel agency says tour operators should consider postponing all holidays in Tunisia whilst the country improves its security.

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Published: Tuesday 30th June 2015 by KCFM

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