A new Era for vintage style in Hull

Published: Thursday 3rd August 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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University of Hull student, Jordan Platten, has combined her business acumen with a passion for vintage casual wear to open a brand new shop.

Era? opened its doors just a few weeks ago on the popular leisure throughway, Princes Avenue. Jordan, who is just 22 years old and studying Youth Work and Community Development, is excited to see where the boutique will take her.

“I’ve loved classic casual gear since I was really young,” explains Jordan, “but, my mum made me chuck it all out because she believed it wasn’t ladylike.”

Whilst she wasn’t studying, Jordan poured herself into buying and selling retro gems online on sites such as eBay. She developed an eye for it as she learned more and more about the different decades and what people wanted in their wardrobes.

“This quirky red shirt, modelled by Leila Blount, is from the late 80s, early 90s,” Jordan tells us. “This is when viscose first started to be a thing. Paired with baggy jeans, this makes a perfect everyday look.”

Shirt – £24 / Jeans – Model’s own / Trainers – Model’s own

The second outfit is also 80s inspired. Leila sports a Sergio Tacchini sleeveless sweater and a pair of Fred Perry shorts.

Sweater – £22 / Shorts – £18

“This one is a lot more feminine and formal,” Jordan points out. “You could dress it up or down.”

The floral two-piece would be ideal for festival season if worn with some wellies or one of the pairs of trainers that Jordan sells.

Two-piece – £24

“The baby blue Adidas jacket and Levis 501 cut-off shorts give off a 90s vibe,” enthuses Jordan. “I’ve also put Leila in this ribbed vest from Nike.”

Jacket – £30 / Vest – £18 / Shorts – £24

“The great thing about Era? is that most items are suitable for all genders, sizes and ages. This Adidas Colorado Original, modelled by Mike Stubbs, is an early 80s favourite.”

Jacket – £45

Meanwhile, this vibrant Adidas waterproof is a really good choice if you’re heading to an outdoor event this summer.

“This one is actually from the 70s!” exclaims Jordan.

Waterproof – £28

If the weather is dry, girls can always opt for a colourful 60s summer dress. Jordan added a Valentino leather bag for a practical, yet stylish touch.

Dress – £18

“A smart polo shirt is always a solid choice for a night out,” Jordan advises. “I love this Burberry Classic London design.”

Polo – £30

“This suedette shirt is also a fantastic option for nights out,” she says.

Shirt – £22

Lastly, we have this Adidas and Nike ensemble: “Again, this combo would be ideal for a festival or gig.”

Vest – £22 / Shorts – £22 / Nike Wimbledon trainers – £48

You can find Era? at 11 Princes Avenue in Hull. Open Tuesday-Wednesday 10am-4:30pm, Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm.

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Published: Thursday 3rd August 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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