A satisfying lunch at Furley & Co.

Published: Thursday 15th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Located adjacent to Princes Quay shopping centre, Furley & Co. opened its doors in late 2015.

Since then the friendly independent bar has gathered a passionate following. Its fans range from people who appreciate a good burger, to those who enjoy indulging in a fabulous freak shake now and then.

The kitchen is run by Roxy, their talented chef who rustles up homemade grub that goes perfectly with a pint. Next to the large board listing the current cask and craft beers sits a fridge of savouries, so we took a pick ‘n’ mix approach during our visit.

Between the two of us we went for a regular pork pie and a black pudding variety, a sausage roll and a Scotch egg.


One of the great things about Furleys is their portions, with each snack being a decent size and coming with tomatoes, pickles and a little salad.

We were very pleased with our choices, as the combo had the feel of a builder’s lunch whilst being fresh, flavoursome and great for sharing. Washed down with a couple of pints from Bad Seed Brewery and Atom Beers, it was a very pleasant afternoon meal.

Whilst there, we had a good look at the many beers on offer. Furleys pride themselves on presenting a strong range, with many popular offerings from the world of craft.

The aforementioned Atom Beers always have a few available, from their dependable blonde ale to their Critical Temperature, a deep, chocolatey porter. Meanwhile, the fridges stock an impressive selection of bottles and cans.


You’ll also find a good selection of wines and spirits, a coffee menu served by a skilled barista, and the freak shakes that get a lot of attention.

If you’ve never had a freak shake before, we recommend you try one providing that you’re feeling hungry, not on a diet and have a sweet tooth. Starting with an ice cream milkshake served in a stylish jar glass, it’s then topped with a crazy combo of sweet treats, usually including a donut and whipped cream.


Other perks of visiting Furleys is that it’s child-friendly, dog-friendly, and just friendly in general. Thanks to the historic building’s large windows overlooking the attractive Princes Dock Street, the place is suitable for all.

It’s also quite spacious and has some great furniture, including deep-seated sofas and armchairs, a booth that’s ideal for a group, high stools at the bar, and regular chairs and tables. Plus the Eel Yard can be found round the back, presenting colourful and comfortable surroundings.


Chances are you might catch live music at Furleys, plus there’s a very nice function room upstairs that can be booked for special events.

All in all, a visit to Furleys is a great move, especially if you take your appetite with you and fancy trying out an exciting new beer or two.

You can find them at 18-20 Princes Dock Street, open 11am-10pm Mon-Wed, 11am-11pm Thursday, 11am-midnight Fri-Sat, and 11am-7pm Sunday.

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Published: Thursday 15th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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