A whale of a time in the Yorkshire Wildlife Triangle

Published: Monday 14th August 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Did you know that you can spy whales from the East Yorkshire Coast?

There are several wildlife boat trips on offer within the Yorkshire Nature Triangle, an area marked out by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to highlight the beauty of the region.

Departing Whitby Harbour, these delightful boat trips will take you out to see the incredible North Sea whales. You can spot several species, including northern, minke, sei, humpbacks, as well as fin whales – the second largest mammal on the planet.

Alongside these breathtaking creatures, there are thousands of seals, porpoises and dolphins to meet.

We spoke to Tom Marshall, Business Development Manager for the YWT, to find out more about these unique opportunities.

“For a true once-in-a-lifetime encounter, you have to venture a little further north to Whitby or Staithes. From here, boat trips head out to meet the whales as they feed on mackerel and herring,” Tom enthuses.

“Surprisingly, these 30ft-long mammals are often seen close inshore – perhaps just a few hundred metres out. Gatherings of diving seabirds can be a good indicator of their presence, alongside other ocean-going visitors like dolphins.”

On top of all this, the East Coast is popular for puffin and gannet spotting. The RSPB East Yorkshire Local Group will take you out on the Yorkshire Belle for two-and-a-half hours to watch these charming birds. The gannet is Britain’s largest seabird.

“If standing on the 400ft white cliffs of Flamborough give you the perilous perspective of a gannet or puffin, then hopping aboard a boat trip can take you into a world that is very much a seal’s eye view of the action,” Tom tells us.

The RSPB organises three-and-a-half hour trips from Bridlington Harbour to view other seabirds, such as skuas and shearwaters.

“A final summer treat for birdwatchers is the special ‘pelagic’ trips put on by the Yorkshire Belle to seek out the airborne pirates of the sea – skuas, along with migrating shearwaters and petrels.”

A ride on the Yorkshire Belle herself is enough of a treat for those who have a passion for sea vessels:

“A real matriarch of the Bridlington harbour, the cream and red-striped Yorkshire Belle is no less than 70 years young, and a great way to explore the Flamborough headland. It sails past landmarks like the lighthouse, Sewerby Hall and the famous ‘stack’ at Breil Neuk,” Tom explains.

For something a bit out of the ordinary, opt for the North Landing summer pleasure trips:

“Hop aboard an authentic Yorkshire ‘coble’ for a unique boating experience. The local Emmerson family still fish from the pebbles here, and in the afternoon swap the pots onboard for visitors to take a seat instead,” says Tom.

“These smaller vessels can get right into the tightest of sea caves – where smugglers tales go hand-in-hand – and their modest size means you can get as close an experience of life at sea without donning a wetsuit!”

You can find out more information about all of the boat trips on the Yorkshire Nature Triangle website.

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Published: Monday 14th August 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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