An alternative Christmas Day

Published: Monday 25th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Christmas Day is often a bit anticlimactic, so here’s how to spice up your winter afternoon.

Once the excitement of present giving has died down and your aunt has had one too many sherries, you may be looking for something different to do on Christmas Day. We’ve rustled up some ideas on how to mix things up.

Take a hike

Burn off that hearty turkey dinner by taking a brisk walk. Hull and East Yorkshire boasts a number of stunning routes that the whole family can enjoy. According to the Walking the Riding, there are more than 250 walks to choose from, whether you want a coastal stroll, spy on wildlife or stay close to town.

Make someone’s Christmas

Whilst you might be tucked up in the comfort of your own home this festive season, there are many out there who aren’t so fortunate. Invite a lonely relative over for tea, walk a neighbour’s dog or take some hot drinks and food out to those sleeping rough. Get in touch with local charities to see if you can help out during the holidays and in the new year.

Do next year’s Christmas shopping

Many online retailers don’t need to wait until Boxing Day to sell their discounted wares. Have a browse and see if there are any great deals on presents you know your family and friends will love for Christmas 2018. Or why not treat yourself?

Take photos of deserted places

The 25th is the ideal day to explore your best-loved spaces without interruption. Some of the spots can be quite eerie when they’re not filled with the usual hustle and bustle of people. Take this unique opportunity to snap some interesting shots on your camera or phone. It can also be a great chance to have a break from the hectic festivities of a family Christmas.

Dust off the board games

Time spent with your family is precious and classic games can bring about some excellent laughs and memories. Dig out those old childhood favourites and watch the fun unravel, whether you’re playing Monopoly, charades or piecing together a puzzle.

Call a friend

Christmas is all about cherishing the company of those you love, but sometimes you don’t get to see everyone you care about. Give an old friend a call and wish them a Merry Christmas, or perhaps just have a catchup with your best friend.

Write thank you letters

In the digital age, we rarely find time to write letters by hand. Take the time on Christmas Day to write notes of gratitude to anyone who has sent you a card or a present; it will go a long way in showing them you appreciate and love your gift.

Whatever you’re getting up to today, we hope you’re having a fantastic time!

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Published: Monday 25th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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