An interview with Mrs Cratchit

Published: Tuesday 26th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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The classic story A Christmas Carol has been adapted for the Hull Truck stage by gifted writer Deborah McAndrew.

So far, the production has been a huge hit with theatre-goers, with almost every show completely selling out.

With a stunning set and distinctive costume design combined with original music and uplifting choreography, it’s easy to see why the performance has captured the hearts of the people of Hull this winter.

We caught up with Jo Mousley, who plays Mrs Cratchit, to discover more about this enchanting play.

How have you found bringing your character to life on stage?

Mrs Cratchit has been lovely to play. She represents the everyday mother. She occasionally has to tell the children off, but she also has a lot of fun.

I’ve been working closely with the young company who play the Cratchit children. They are all under 16 and absolutely wonderful.

The relationship between the children and me is really important to the story. And I’ve got to say, they’ve made it really easy for me to get into character. They are brilliant, they have loads of energy and ideas. It’s been a delight to bounce off their vibrant personalities and act as their guardian.

For example, Tiny Tim is really cheeky. He isn’t the angelic little choir boy he is sometimes portrayed as. Deborah has done an excellent job of writing him to be just like any other normal lad. I think children and parents in the audience are able to truly relate to the Cratchit family.

What is your favourite part of the Christmas season?

The whole buildup to it is always exciting. I love buying presents for people, especially my little dog. He even unwraps his presents by himself, so it’s always really funny to watch him tear the paper off his gift on Christmas morning.

Andwhat about your least favourite part?

That horrible feeling of having eaten too much on Boxing Day.

Also, having to leave all of my family so soon. I usually work over Christmas and have to say goodbye to everyone on Christmas night to get back to work the following day – I hate that feeling. We’re really lucky that the cast have Christmas Day and today off. It has allowed me to see my family for longer. I live in Leeds, too, so I’ve not had to travel much at all.

Lastly, why should people come along to see the show?

It’s so festive. It’s set in Hull and was created especially for this city, so I think locals appreciate it even more. The music is just delicious, too. It tells the story in a really imaginative and creative way.

You can see A Christmas Carol until Saturday 6 January 2018. To purchase tickets and find out more information, please visit the Hull Truck Theatre website.

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Published: Tuesday 26th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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