An interview with the Ghost of Christmas Present

Published: Wednesday 20th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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A Christmas Carol has been re-imagined in a beautiful, festive performance at Hull Truck Theatre.

Directed by Amy Leach and written by Deborah McAndrew, the magical show narrates this well-known story in a fresh, imaginative way.

We spoke with Polly Lister, who plays numerous characters, about all things Crimbo.

How have you found your role in A Christmas Carol so far?

Well, I play a wide variety of characters, so it’s been really fun. I am Mrs Fezziwig, Mrs Dilber and the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Mrs Fezziwig is the wife of Scrooge’s former employer and is seen when Scrooge looks back on his past. Meanwhile, Mrs Dilber is Scrooge’s charwoman. She appears a little at the beginning and also when Scrooge looks at his grim future. Her harsh words about Ebenezer really hit home with him, I think.

When the Ghost of Christmas Present visits Scrooge, she brings a completely different vibe and energy to the performance. In the book, it’s a Father Christmas-like character, but in this adaptation, all of our ghosts are female.

She is the laughter, joy and warmth of Christmas and her arrival is a breath of fresh air. I love playing her because she’s very in the moment; there’s a sense of urgency and excitement about her and she has a sort of “seize the day” attitude.

She sounds fabulous! What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Seeing family. That feeling of going back to what is important to you and the time spent in the warmth of people you love.

I have a niece and nephew now, so that has made Christmas extra special. Last year, we had an excellent time at Christmas Eve wrapping presents and drinking sherry.

What about your least favourite part?

Driving on ice! You drive for miles to see people and I get scared when I’m out on the roads in cold weather.

Also, because I’m not materialistic at all, I don’t really like the excessive marketing of Christmas. It really gets on my nerves. People have lost sight of what Christmas is all about; it has unfortunately become what you could have, rather than what you already have.

And that’s exactly what A Christmas Carol is all about. Why should people come down to Hull Truck to see it?

It’s a good story that we should all be reminded of. You should come and see it in the theatre, rather than just read it as a bedtime story because children will be able to have a truly sensory experience.

Why should you come and see this one in particular? Well, it’s filled with magic and music and it’s inventive, mischievous and joyous! You’ll leave with a glowing heart and it will definitely put you in the mood for loving all of those around you. And all the while you’ll be having a rollicking good time!

I think writer Deborah McAndrew has stayed very true to the story, but she has focused more on the Cratchit family and I think this will really hit home with children and their parents.

You can see A Christmas Carol until Saturday 6 January 2018. To purchase tickets and find out more information, please visit the Hull Truck Theatre website. 

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Published: Wednesday 20th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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