An interview with the Ghost of Jacob Marley

Published: Wednesday 22nd November 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Hull Truck Theatre is hosting a brand new adaptation of the Dickensian classic, A Christmas Carol.

The captivating show, which runs right the way through the festive season, from Friday 1 December to Saturday 6 January, will breathe new life into the timeless tale.

We spoke with Andrew Whitehead (above centre), who plays the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge’s former business partner, Jacob Marley, and ex-employer of Scrooge, Mr. Fezziwig.

Firstly, what has it been like to play the Ghost of Jacob Marley?

It has been quite exciting. You don’t often get to play a ghost.

Marley has been dead for seven years by the start of the show and he is the first ghost that we will see. It’ll be a bit scary, I imagine, but there’s a little surprise thrown in, which I won’t give away. Let’s just say, Marley doesn’t look as human as you’d expect…

And of course, Mr. Fezziwig is a completely different character to Marley?

Oh yes, definitely. Mr. Fezziwig is Scrooge’s former boss and embodies the good-natured side of Christmas. He turns up when Scrooge looks back to his younger years and remembers happier times.

It’s great that I go from scary ghost to a jolly, Father Christmas-esque character.

How have you found rehearsals so far?

It’s been wonderful. Of course, A Christmas Carol is a story we know very well, but it has been quite challenging too. There are lots of layers to be found within the scenes and we really want to make our narrative clear.

Whilst many people know what happens, we’ve got to consider the younger audience, who may be experiencing the tale for the first time.

So, other than haunting your old pal Scrooge, what’s your favourite part about Christmas?

Seeing my family, I think. I have a very small family, but I love spending more time with them at Christmas.

And what do you like least about the Yuletide season?

The expense of it. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly commercial. And I think with that there’s a lot of stress, which is very sad. Buying presents for everyone can be a lot of pressure for parents.

Before you go, why should people come down to see the play?

It will be a terrific and wonderful show. Deborah McAndrew, who has adapted the piece, and Amy Leach, the director, have done a wonderful job shifting the focus of the story to revolve more around Tiny Tim. Something that hasn’t been done, traditionally.

A Christmas Carol will be exciting, scary, funny and jolly. There’s a lot of great music and dancing, too.

You can catch A Christmas Carol from Friday 1 December 2017 until Saturday 6 January 2018. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Hull Truck Theatre website.

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Published: Wednesday 22nd November 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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