An interview with the Hull University Union Education Officer

Published: Thursday 21st September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Over the last weekend, thousands of new and returning students arrived in the city.

To ensure that they get used to the campus and understand what’s on offer as soon as possible, a team is in place to communicate key messages and drive involvement.

Hull University Union is based on the Cottingham Road campus and is the HQ for five Student Officers that are elected annually. Their roles cover different areas, namely Education, Activities, Welfare and Community, Sports, and a President who oversees the Union’s activity for that academic year.

We spoke to the new Education Officer, Salman Anwar, to find out more about his role.

Hi, Salman. Can you tell us about what it is that you do?

As the Education Officer for 2017/18, I support, represent and act as the voice of students, whilst lobbying the university for improvements to education. Whether a student is a course rep, school rep or faculty rep, academic representation is at the heart of HUU, helping to represent students on a number of levels.

Why exactly does this role exist?

The university is made up of so many different individuals bound together by the common goal of receiving an education and earning a degree. This is why academic representation is both vital and rewarding.

Helping to build lasting change in education affects students’ university experience now and into the future. Being an academic rep at HUU allows individuals to help be the voice of others.

How do students get involved?

There are a couple of avenues to becoming an academic representative. The process of becoming a course rep couldn’t be simpler, with all of the details of the role and nomination form available online. We’ll then get in touch with further details.

To become a school or faculty rep, you’ll need to nominate yourself for the School and Faculty Rep election, taking place this week.

How does this benefit individual students?

Being an academic rep demonstrates so many skills that’ll look great on your CV and impress any employer. You’ll benefit from support from HUU and the University of Hull, whilst also being able to use the opportunity to network with other academic reps, socialise and make new friends.

Take it from me, university seems to go by so quickly (felt like only yesterday I started here), so my advice is to get stuck in and make the most of it while you can.

What has your role involved so far?

My manifesto this year focuses on making sure communicating with students is a priority, ensuring that education representation on campus continuously listens and engages with students. That’s why I’ll be out every week across campus for students to get to know me and share what they like about university, any improvements or concerns they have, or just a general chat. But don’t wait for me to be out on campus, my door is always open!

You’ll also catch me out and about during WelcomeFest, two weeks of all different types of welcome events. You can find out more by visiting, and students can save money through our WelcomeFest wristband, which gets them into events at Welly Club and The Piper as well as on campus.

What’s your main piece of advice for students?

Have fun this year, make the most of university, and know that I’m always around to talk and listen to your views and concerns!

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Published: Thursday 21st September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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