An interview with the Hull University Union President

Published: Tuesday 22nd August 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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The next few weeks will see thousands of new and returning students arrive in the city.

With some of them already from Hull and many more coming from across the UK and abroad, a team is in place to ensure that they have everything they need for a safe, happy life whilst here.

Hull University Union is based on the Cottingham Road campus and is the HQ for five Student Officers that are elected annually. Their roles cover different areas, namely Education, Activities, Welfare and Community, and Sports. There is also a President, who oversees the Union’s activity for that academic year.

We spoke to the new President, Osaro Otobo, to find out more about her role.

Hi, Osaro. How did you come to be the President of Hull University Union?

I’m a student that has been elected by my fellow students to represent them for the coming year. The aim of everyone working here at HUU is to ensure students at the University of Hull have a great time, meet others with similar interests, gain valuable life and employability skills, and are represented and empowered to make change.

Alongside my fellow Student Officers and a team of dedicated staff, we run the Union.

Tell us how the Union serves its members.

We’re based in Student Central. We share the building with some university-run services, so whether you need a quick pre-lecture coffee, or help with questions around housing, finance, volunteering or careers, our building really is a one-stop shop.

We also have a strong online presence, so no matter where a student is, we can support their needs.

How does the Union operate as an organisation?

All of the profit we generate though our bars, shop, eatery and on-site club is invested back into the student experience. It funds services like the Advice Centre and allows us to support students in running sports teams, student media, volunteering projects and societies, which range from Harry Potter to Swing Dance.

Democracy and representation is very important. It’s vital that we make sure every student is represented fairly. We have elected students like myself that look out for the interests of the wide range of students we have here at Hull.

However, it’s essential to note that you don’t have to be elected to make change. If you’re passionate about something and want to make a difference, the Student Officer team is here to support you and give you the tools to do so.

We strive to ensure that the student voice is put first above all else. We work with the university to help improve the student experience, and we’re not afraid to challenge whenever necessary to make sure students are always put first.

What’s in store for students when they arrive on campus?

Arrivals Saturday is on 16th September, so that will be a very busy day. We then have the Commercial Fair the following day, plus tons of events such as Scouting for Girls performing live in Asylum, City of Culture tours and much more.

All of this is part of WelcomeFest, a fortnight of welcome events of all shapes and sizes. Students can find out more by visiting, and they can save money through our WelcomeFest wristband, which gets them into events at Welly Club and The Piper as well as on the campus.

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Published: Tuesday 22nd August 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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