An interview with the Hull University Union Sports Officer

Published: Tuesday 12th September 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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It’s going to be a very busy weekend, as thousands of students arrive in the city to start a new year at the University of Hull.

To ensure that students get used to the campus and understand what’s on offer as soon as possible, a team is in place to communicate key messages and drive involvement.

Hull University Union is based on the Cottingham Road campus and is the HQ for five Student Officers that are elected annually. Their roles cover different areas, namely Education, Activities, Welfare and Community, Sports, and a President who oversees the Union’s activity for that academic year.

We spoke to the new Sport Officer, Caitlin O’Neill, to find out more about her role.

Hi, Caitlin. Can you tell us about the sports offering on campus?

There is a wide range of sports and sporting activities available for students to get involved in at the University of Hull. From basketball to lacrosse, boxing to pole fitness, there really is something for everyone.

New clubs are being created nearly every year, with the latest addition being dodgeball. There are over 50 clubs that form the Athletic Union and many other sporting opportunities available through Campus Sport, such as the Football Intramural League and Fabulass, which provides women’s only sessions.

This diverse range of sporting activities gives students the opportunity to get involved in sports, whether that is competitively or just to keep fit and have a bit of fun. Being part of a sports team is also a fantastic way to meet new people and make new friends!

Have there been any other new developments lately?

With the new Sports and Fitness Centre being built this year and the brand new outdoor facilities all ready to go for the new academic year, this is the time for sports at the University of Hull to thrive!

What are the benefits of getting involved?

Being part of a sports team at university, whether you’re looking to compete or just train once or twice a week to keep fit, is a great way of keeping active and leading a healthier lifestyle.

It is also ideal for taking a break from the stress of deadlines and exams as it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between studying and making the most of opportunities student life has to offer. My sports team supported me considerably through my studies and helped me deal with stress related to my course.

Finding a sport you really enjoy at university helps you to get into a good routine of exercising regularly and keeping fit. It also means you’re more likely to carry this on after you graduate and lead a healthy and active life after university.

Are there any other health advantages?

Taking part in sports is not only good for maintaining good physical fitness, it is also great for your mental health. It’s a brilliant distraction from your day-to-day life, and that sense of achievement when you beat your best time on the 5km makes you feel really good about yourself!

And everyone can get involved?

Absolutely! Sport isn’t just for those who want to be great athletes and compete, it’s also for those who want to get fit, look after themselves and experience a great social environment.

Can you tell us what’s in store this weekend?

Saturday sees the start of WelcomeFest, a fortnight of welcome events of all shapes and sizes, from Scouting for Girls performing live in Asylum, to City of Culture tours and seeing Jane Eyre at Hull New Theatre.

Students can find out more by visiting Meanwhile, they can save money through our WelcomeFest wristband, which gets them into events at Welly Club and The Piper as well as on campus.

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Published: Tuesday 12th September 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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