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Published: Tuesday 20th December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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Today is Games Day, which celebrates all forms of gameplay. Whilst the event includes video games, we thought we’d be more traditional and focus on the type that use boards, cards, dice and pieces.

To get some expert insight, we had a chat with Tom Sowerby, owner of The BoardRoom at 135 Newland Avenue.

Why do you think board games are so important?

They give people a chance to sit around a table, put down their screens and enjoy spending time together. Simultaneously, it gives them the chance to be competitive, which can be loads of fun.

How do board games compare to and differ from computer games?

Board games can promote many of the same skills as a computer game, such as forward planning, critical thinking, even damage limitation!

Unlike a computer game, being sat across the table from your opponent brings a new level to it. Board games often come down to the social interactions between players. Bluffing, body language, eye contact and words play a large role in every game, which is lost when sat in front of a screen.

What’s your favourite board game at the moment?

Currently I’m really enjoying party games. Particularly a game called Spyfall, which is all about social interaction.

The entire game is built around asking each other questions. It’s a bit of a race between the person who is a spy trying to figure out what location you are in, and the other people trying to figure out who is the spy. It’s played in rounds and creates lots of laughs and memorable situations.

You really know your games, but has anything surprised you recently?

It’s been really interesting that some of the children’s games we have in actually work well with adults. For example, Animal Upon Animal is a game about stacking wooden animals. Almost reverse Jenga, if you will.

Kids can really compete with adults at this game. Their little digits seem to help. However, it can also be really good fun and just as competitive with a group of adults as it can with a family group.

How’s The BoardRoom doing? Have you made any changes since it opened in January?

It’s doing great. It’s been very well received and we’re constantly making changes. Our game selection is constantly expanding.

Our beer selection is ever-changing too. We currently have over 50 varieties. We now work with Atom Beers to offer a draught option alongside the can range, which is proving very popular.

Would you say that board games make a good gift?

Definitely. They give a reason to sit around a table together with the people you care about. They are infinitely replayable, so you can really get your money’s worth.

We sell a selection of games, allowing customers to continue the gameplay at home.

What are your opening hours over the Christmas period?

We will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Apart from that, we’re open as usual: 2pm-10pm Monday-Thursday, 2pm-11pm Friday, 12pm-11pm Saturday and 12pm-10pm Sunday.

Do you personally have a board game routine?

Yeah, I like to sit with a beer or two while I play. I think a couple of nice beers can really loosen people up. This helps them to make those interesting, exciting choices that they are maybe sometimes a bit too nice to make!

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Published: Tuesday 20th December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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