Beverley and Holderness MP supports Spending Review education changes

Published: Thursday 26th November 2015 by KCFM

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Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart has praised the education changes outlined by Chancellor George Osborne in his Spending Review.

Mr Osborne announced plans to overhaul how schools in England are funded to remove big regional differences in levels of per-pupil funding.

The decision was praised by Mr Stuart, who believes the changes could help to improve education in East Yorkshire.

He said: “Whether you’re in an urban area or a rural area, you will be more equally funded according to the needs you have.

“It means those in the most deprived areas will be supported by the people premium, so that we can have a fairer base funding level, and then we can have the people premium to make sure those with additional needs are supported.”

Mr Stuart also welcomed the Government’s decision to offer loans to university or college students, rather than grants, as he believes taxpayers should not have to subsidise higher education.

He added: “I think we all agree that there should be basic education up to the age of 18 and after that, those who go for a more intensive education tend to benefit themselves. So I think it’s right they should pay for it.

“Why should my children go to university and be subsidised by people who, statistically, were very unlikely to go and are now in a job with low earnings? Why should someone on minimum wage work longer hours and pay more tax to subsidise predominantly middle-class people to go to college? I don’t think they should.”

Meanwhile, Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove welcomed the news that Mr Osborne ruled out making further cuts to police budgets and anticipates making around £35million in savings.

He said: “There may be a small reduction of funds available to me as police and crime commissioner for the Humberside force, but it will be significantly smaller reduction than we have been planning for.”

Goole MP Andrew Percy added: “I think that’s a good decision, it reflects were we are from a security point of view.

“Also, it will be a reassurance to communities who are worried about crime. Even though it’s low at the moment I think it will be a welcome protection for frontline and neighbourhood policing.”

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Published: Thursday 26th November 2015 by KCFM

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