Beverley housing scheme plans unveiled

Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2015 by The News Editor

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Views are to be sought on a new masterplan revealing the layout for a huge housing estate on the outskirts of historic Beverley.

The draft plan shows the 1,800 homes will be built off a spine road that will be connected to the market town’s new southern relief road by a £1.5 million roundabout. A separate spur road, meanwhile, will connect the estate back to the town itself via another £767,000 roundabout.

When the draft is put out for consultation later this month people will also be asked for their views on plans for a new primary school, an extension to Keldmarsh School and a central neighbourhood area with shops.

The draft masterplan also says developers will be asked to preserve most of the open space and the views of Beverley Minster.

The project is set to be the biggest housebuilding site in East Yorkshire over the next 15 years, with the new homes put up on fields to the south of Beverley.

It is estimated that over 4,000 people will eventually live on the 80-hectare estate, raising fears among many local residents that it will swallow up Beverley.

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Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (3)
  • Dingle

    Omg. With Beverley extending southeast and hull extending Northwest it won’t be long before Beverley becomes part of the area known as Greater Bransholme. What will they do with their snobbery then?!?!

    • sloanie

      Kingston upon Beverhull sounds good to me!!

      • Beverley upon Hull sounds better, since Kingston-upon-Hull is a city and Beverley is only a town.
        King Edward 1st chartered our city in 1299 and since then we have been further chartered, so as to vastly run our own cities infrastructure, legal and local matters.

        Being also a unitory authority means that we have also the control of many public services and local untilties.

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