Bring smiles to faces on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Published: Monday 13th February 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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You must surely have heard of random acts of kindness, but did you know there’s an entire day dedicated to them?

Friday 17 February is Random Acts of Kindness Day, which encourages us to do nice things that will benefit others. It can take any form you wish, from buying biscuits for the office, to something far more creative.

Proving popular across the world, RAOK Day has grown into a weeklong celebration for many.

St Stephen’s in Hull is a prime example, as they’re presenting daily clues to their social media followers, such as this one today:

RAOK St Stephen's

So if you pop down to the shopping centre next to Paragon Interchange between today and Saturday, you may be the recipient of something very kind indeed.

To really demonstrate how official a cause it is, there’s actually a Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

The organisation works across the globe to bring smiles to faces, presenting a Kindness Generator app to provide inspiration.

If you want to get involved but are struggling for ideas, here are some suggestions from the HEY Today team:

  1. Post funny doodles for strangers to find. A little bit of positivity can go a very long way.
  2. Finished a book? Leave it on a bench or the bus with a note saying that whoever finds it can have it.
  3. Place an Amazon order for some art materials or books and deliver them anonymously to a local school.
  4. Find opportunities to give compliments, making sure that they’re always genuine.
  5. If you can see that a work colleague is having a busy day, offer to run errands for them during your lunch break.
  6. If a group of people you know are gossiping about someone, join them and steer the conversation in a more positive direction.
  7. Have an impromptu clear-out at home and donate as much as you can to charity.
  8. If it’s bin collection day, take your neighbours’ bins out for them.
  9. Do you speak to your parents as often as you should? Give mum and dad a call and have a catch-up.
  10. Let other drivers pull out at junctions. Your journey will take longer but it will also be a nicer one.
  11. Go for a meal and leave an especially large tip if the service is good.
  12. Purchase some £5 gift cards and give them out to people you think deserve them. It could even be complete strangers who do something good whilst you’re passing.


These are just a few suggestions. The real fun of random acts of kindness is coming up with your own ideas.

Not only will you make the recipient’s day better, you’ll also feel great for knowing that you’ve made someone’s day.

We’d love to know about your RAOK, so take a snap if possible and share them with us on Facebook and Twitter  

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Published: Monday 13th February 2017 by Courtney Farrow

Comments (0)

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