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Published: Friday 1st September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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It’s Organic September. We spoke with Graham Brooks, the Director of Arthur Street Trading Company, to find out why we should shop organic.

Arthur Street Trading Company has been delivering boxes of organic fruit, veg and whole foods to people’s doors for almost 20 years.

“We’ve been running the home delivery service since 1999. We originally started out with a donated milk float, locally-sourcing organic produce and even had solar panels to power our Arthur Street workshop. It was quite a novelty at the time,” Graham chuckles. “In October last year, we relocated to a walled garden in Rise, East Yorkshire.”

The stunning 1.5-acre Victorian garden now supplies much of the fruit and veg that Arthur’s Organics offer.

“I’d never done any growing before, but luckily our long-term supplier Bob Slater, who owned the land but has now retired, helped me out with how to drive a tractor and grow the crops,” Graham continues. “It’s been a very steep learning curve.”

Graham and the team make up the veg boxes and extra deliveries by hand every week: “We have a deadline for all orders at 6pm on Fridays. This means we know exactly what we need to order in and there’s no waste or produce going out of date.”

Customers can choose from over 1,000 products on the website, and it’s not just veggies.

“We also sell a wide range of cupboard essentials, cleaning products and health and beauty supplies. We’re a worker’s co-operative and very environmentally-focused. We don’t pollute, we recycle, and we try to source our products as close-by as possible.”

Arthur’s Organics is also Soil Association Certified, meaning that they have to pass a number of rigorous checks and obey strict rules to ensure that their produce is organic. Organic September is actually a campaign organised by Soil Association.

Their website suggests that recent government testing found pesticide residue in 43% of British foods. Many of these items shockingly contained more than one chemical.

Pesticides are used to kill weeds and insects whilst controlling crop diseases, but an added side-effect is that they poison water sources, disrupt ecosystems and destroy surrounding wildlife. Switching to organic will ensure that you know exactly what is going into your body when you eat, as well as knowing who you’re buying from.

Arthur’s buys mainly from farms in East and West Yorkshire, who refrain from spraying such chemicals. And of course, the company now grows a lot of stock in its very own kitchen garden.

“We do it because of the environment. We want to live sustainable lives. We care passionately about these issues and aim to create a better future for our children.”

You can find out the full range of goods on the Arthur Street Trading Company website. Meanwhile, discover more about how you can get involved with Organic September on the Soil Association website.

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Published: Friday 1st September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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