Celebrate an ancient art with the Humber Woodcarvers

Published: Friday 15th September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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A fantastic exhibition opens today at the Minerva pub. The incredible work of the Humber Woodcarvers can be viewed and marvelled throughout the weekend.

We caught up with professional woodcarver and President of the group, O Howard Boyd, to find out more.

The Humber Woodcarvers were formed on the back of various adult education classes taught by Boyd:

“I wanted to pass on my skills after my boys were killed,” Boyd tells us. “The classes were very popular; however, the funding was withdrawn so I then started teaching privately.”

For over two decades, Howard has taught the art of woodcarving and its intricate techniques to a vast number of students. The talented artist believes it is essential that these traditional crafts are passed on to the next generations.

Woodcarving is actually one of the oldest arts on the planet. There have been wooden spears discovered, proving that humans have engaged in woodwork for millennia.

Until recently, a woodcarver was a regular sight in workshops, furniture shops, churches and shipyards. Nevertheless, the art has sadly declined in popularity.

Groups such as the Humber Woodcarvers and branches of the British Woodcarvers Association allow for a small number of professional and amateur carvers to continue this unique hobby. Boyd is actually the President of the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire branches of the BWA.

“At the exhibition, you will get to see selected pieces of work of a very high standard,” he explains. “Sometimes, when I visit other shows, I am absolutely appalled at the standard. But I’m proud to say that you’ll see some marvellous things at the Minerva.”

There are all sorts of carving styles on display too, from ‘In the Round’, which is fully three-dimensional, to light relief, deep relief, high relief and chip carving. The work also comes in all sizes – some carvings are minute and intricate, but some could be as tall as you.

The Humber Woodcarvers are also on hand to answer any questions. But as Howard is currently in Azincourt, crafting his Archers Tribute sculptures, he won’t be present at this particular exhibition.

What’s great about the Humber Woodcarvers and Boyd is that they are willing to share their impressive skills with anyone with an interest in learning the ancient art:

“New members are always welcome. You won’t need tools to begin with, these will be provided until you become familiar with them, but if you do have your own, then we will advise on how to maintain and sharpen them,” he adds. “Over the years, I have had quite a few students who are joiners by trade. They tend to make very good carvings as they are used to handling these tools.”

The group meets in Saxby All Saints Village Hall. To book a place, you can contact the Humber Woodcarvers via their website. In the meantime, the exhibition is on display at The Minerva pub on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September.

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Published: Friday 15th September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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