Celebrate Bike Week with East Coast Bicycles

Published: Friday 9th June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Bike Week starts tomorrow. It’s a great opportunity to get back on the road and incorporate cycling into your everyday life.

Running until Sunday 18 June, Bike Week encourages everyone to cycle more, whether that’s simply riding to work or taking it up as a hobby.

There are so many social, health and environmental benefits to cycling. Getting out on two wheels can take the pressure away from the daily grind, improve your physical and mental health, and reduce your carbon footprint.

We spoke to Nick Dalton, owner of East Coast Bicycles, to discover more about Hull’s only award-winning bicycle boutique and emporium.

“We sell vintage-style bikes. Everything from American cruisers and Dutch models to fixed wheel and single speed,” explains Nick. “We also do restorations and repairs on vintage bikes, plus a whole range of accessories, such as handmade baskets and funky bells.”

East Coast Bicycles opened up in 2010 in Hull. Nick managed to create his vision of a unique cycle business on a shoestring budget and with a lot of hard work.

“I started with nothing in the shop, bar a couple of secondhand bikes. I worked through the winter doing repairs, selling a few and slowly building up stock,” he recalls.

With the money he raised from repairs and reselling, Nick managed to find the cash to buy in new stock.


“I come from a cycling family, it’s in my core. We had cycling holidays when I was a child and we competed locally.”

The family element to the business truly shines through when you visit the shop. Photos of his family and a display of his father’s medals take pride of place on the wall.

After spotting quite a few retro-style cycles down Princes Avenue, Nick decided that there was a gap in the city’s market.

“There’s plenty of shops in Hull selling a full carbon road bike, a helmet and all the energy drinks. But we’re more about pork pies, flat caps and a good old-fashioned cycle,” Nick enthuses.

“It’s part of the retro look. If you have a beard or a vintage dress, our bikes go hand in hand with that style,” he adds.


For those who are completely new to cycling, Nick advises you to go for quality: “Opt for an easy bike, but not a cheap one. If you get a good bike, you’ll like riding it. It will need less servicing, it’s less likely to break down and easier to ride,” he explains.

“Choose quality, simplicity and good looks. And that’s what we do every time.”

East Coast Bicycles regularly runs fixed wheel bike rides and will be celebrating its 300th journey on Tuesday 27 June. Meanwhile, if you don’t ride a single speed cycle, you can join in with their new ride on Saturday 17 June.

To find out more about East Coast Bicycles, pop into the friendly shop at 53 Princes Avenue or call 01482 342894.

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Published: Friday 9th June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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