Charity in Focus: National Initiative for Creative Education

Published: Monday 6th November 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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This week’s charity in focus is the National Initiative for Creative Education (NICE), which is based in Hull.

NICE works with the public sector, voluntary organisations and businesses to offer a wide range of services. Their creative and innovative approach to the learning environment aims to improve people’s employability, enhance their self-esteem and increase communication skills.

In Hull, NICE has two bases. The Afro Caribbean Centre on Park Street acts as their immigration advice centre and the Community Enterprise Centre, located on Cottingham Road, serves as a learning sanctuary.

The large team at NICE has many years of experience in business coaching and health and safety training, as well as the ability to provide quality Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner advice.

Immigration advice is actually one of their core services. They have a strong passion for client care and a team of multilingual advisors, led by an expert with over five years’ experience, who are on hand to answer any questions individuals may have.

Meanwhile, their Learning Sanctuary project allows young migrants who have recently arrived in the UK with a plethora of educational opportunities. The programme is aimed at children who are needing to complete their final years of GCSE preparation. This assistance with their qualifications will allow them to integrate fully and to improve their prospects of a better life.

NICE has worked closely with Rise Academy to help with the Functional Skills English and Maths, BTEC Creative Media, BTEC Arts, BTEC Performing Arts, BTEC Fire and Rescue, sport and healthy cooking.

For the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 year, pupils of the NICE Learning Sanctuary have been actively getting involved with the Acorn Project, a creative community programme. This involves students from multinational backgrounds working together to come up with an exciting cultural festival that celebrates their new home as the City of Culture.

In the meantime, adults can access much-needed language skills with NICE’s English lessons. The informative classes are aimed at adults, teenagers and children in order for them to improve their understanding of spoken and written English, help them to learn practical English that can be used in the real world, boost their confidence when speaking in the language, and give them the ability to fill out important forms.

NICE also specialises in interpreting. With translators available who speak Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian and Italian, plus many more, they are on hand to connect individuals with various public and private sector organisations. This includes schools, hospitals, social services, legal services, letting agencies and the police.

What’s more, NICE also works with interpreters that have a deep understanding of culture, as well as language. This makes all the difference when migrants first move to a new country.

Overall, NICE strives to encourage equal access to Hull-based services, acting as a voice for people who experience language and communication barriers.

To find out more about NICE’s work, please visit their website. 

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Published: Monday 6th November 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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