Children in East Yorkshire should be tested for their physical fitness to cut obesity

Published: Tuesday 16th June 2015 by KCFM

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A new report suggests school children in East Yorkshire should have their fitness tested in the same way as Maths and English.

There are calls for pupils in East Yorkshire to have their physical fitness tested at school in a bid to reduce obesity in the region.

It comes after a report from the organisation UK Active says greater emphasis needs to be put on exercise to help tackle the problem.

They believe children should be made to be more active throughout the day, not just in PE lessons.

But Gary Sainty from the Humber Sports Partnership isn’t convinced:

“I think there needs to be assessments made but they need to be done in the right way so it doesn’t put children off sport. Obviously testing could have a negative effect as well as having a positive effect in terms of bench-marking.”

Mr Sainty believes the proposals could put children off physical exercise altogether, and doesn’t think it’s the way forward:

“They can take part in sport and then go back in the classroom to write about it. There are so many benefits of cross-working between all the different subjects; They certainly don’t need to be sat in a classroom all day without moving.”

He says many schools are already thinking of inventive ways of getting children up and moving:

“Anything that is going to potentially put off children or anyone from sport and physical activity should be avoided, and actually it should be around promoting the benefits of sport and physical activity and giving them the choice to actually partake and participate in it.”

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Published: Tuesday 16th June 2015 by KCFM

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