Christmas Jumper Day: Make life better with a sweater

Published: Tuesday 13th December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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Friday 16 December is Christmas Jumper Day, an event organised by Save the Children. The idea is simple: pop on a festive pullover, donate some money and raise funds for life-changing activity around the globe.

Each year, millions of children die before their fifth birthday. The worst part is that the cause of death is usually a very easily preventable disease, such as malaria, diarrhoea or pneumonia.

Save the Children’s goal is to make sure that every child on this planet gets the chance to grow up healthy and happy.

The money raised from events like Christmas Jumper Day can truly make a difference. It could enable healthcare, education and protection – things that we quite often take for granted here in the UK.

So stick on a silly jumper and raise some cash. It’s so easy to make change, and below are some ways in which you can take part.

Tell the office

The workplace is a great place for fundraising activities because you can quickly spread the message to get people involved.

Let everyone know: your coworkers, your boss and even the cleaner if they’re up for it. Ask everyone to come into work wearing a Christmas jumper on Friday 16 December along with a £2 donation.

You could also host other fundraisers, such as a festive bake sale or raffle. Everyone loves a sweet treat at this time of year, so be sure to stock up on the cupcakes and cookies.

Spread the word at school

If your child is at school, or if you’re a teacher, why not organise a Christmas jumper event? Schools are great places to get silly and raise some money for charity, and all you have to do is arrive wearing your seasonal sweater.

If everyone in your school donated just £2, think of the amount of money that could be raised.

Take a selfie

Don’t worry if you can’t host or attend a Christmas Jumper Day event. With the power of social media and technology, you will still be able to contribute and make a difference.

Slip into your seasonal attire whatever you’ve got planned for the day. It could be a trip to the shops, or just watching TV in your slippers. If you’ve got company coming round for tea, ask them to bring a jumper along, or you could even hand them one when they arrive.

Donate some money to Save the Children, snap a pic of you in your Yuletide togs, and tell friends and family how they can take part. You could begin by sharing this article on your social media channels, as few can resist an opportunity for some feel-good festive silliness.

To find out more about this event, Save the Children and ways to donate, please visit

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Published: Tuesday 13th December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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