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Published: Monday 30th January 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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The first month of this new year is coming to a close. Whilst some have stuck to their resolution to lead a more active lifestyle, others may have lapsed.

If you’re one of the latter, don’t worry, it happens. However, that doesn’t mean this sense of defeat has to continue into February.

To provide motivation to get fit and healthy, we spoke to Cal Donohoe. A dedicated fitness specialist, he’s the Head Coach at new gym The Pit, located at the Ideal Business Park on National Avenue.

“The setup of The Pit is based on parts of other strength and conditioning gyms I’ve seen around the world,” says Cal. “It’s a no-frills type of environment and every piece of equipment has a specific use.”

The new facilities have been specially designed so that top-end performance athletes and the general public can train side by side. This is done using the same apparatus in different ways to achieve specific goals.

The equipment includes squat racks, a wide array of barbells, a set of dumbbells from 5kg to 50kg, strongman-style equipment, med balls and kettle bells.

“We have limited space with it being a garage-style gym,” says Cal. “You’re never more than ten metres away from someone else training, which makes for a great atmosphere.”

“We always have the music pumping too, perfect for getting you in the mood for a workout.”

As the Head Strength Coach and Trainer, Cal says that he spends 90% of his time on the gym floor. This includes overseeing sessions and providing detailed input into each member’s fitness programme.

“I’ve worked in sports for a while and have always admired gyms in America, such as DeFranco’s, Westside Barbell and EliteFTS. They’ve grown from small garage gyms into globally recognised brands and sources of information.”

Cal felt that there was a gap in the local market for this type of training: “There are no gimmicks at The Pit. It’s a results driven gym for those who take training seriously.”

The Pit 2

The fitness expert’s professional background goes back a long way. Coaching since the age of 18, he progressed through Hull FC’s scholarship and academy.

Cal then looked after the Under 16s and assisted with the Under 18s. During this journey, he has also worked with local boxers Luke Campbell and Samir Mouneimne in their pre-fight camps.

This experience is combined with advanced training in techniques for weight loss and general fitness, often in the form of circuits and class sessions.

“These add another dimension to what I do at The Pit,” explains Cal.

“I also take on personal training clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, helping them to lose or gain weight, get bigger and feel healthier. This can include fixing issues such as lower back problems, aches and pains.”

Soaking up the infectious energy, we asked the local Superman for some tips to inspire our readers to pursue a healthy lifestyle:

“Once you get a taste of good quality training, specific to you, it becomes an addiction.”

“There are no excuses. Time, kids, transport – these things don’t matter when it comes to training. Find a way to get started and just get on with it and see where it takes you.”

Looking to the future, Cal’s plans for The Pit include the development of longstanding relationships with its partners. Alongside this, the gym will develop “bulletproof athletes”, who will push onto higher levels in their chosen sports or activities.

“We also want to educate the general population about the wide variety of training methods that are out there,” adds Cal.

“We’ll engage with local sports teams, schools and academies to deliver quality coaching, and educate staff and children about how to train effectively.”

But most importantly, there’s something at the very top of Cal’s agenda: “Everyone will have fun doing it!”

To find out more about The Pit, you can email Cal at or call him on 07999 348660.

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Published: Monday 30th January 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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