Coastal erosion threatens homes in the East Riding

Published: Friday 2nd October 2015 by KCFM

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East Riding Council says it’s seeking further funding from government to help with the relocation of residents at risk along our coastline.

Coastal erosion is continuing to threaten homes along the East Yorkshire coast.

East Riding Council are looking for more funding from government to help residents re-locate to a safer place.

Councillor Symon Fraser says they’ve been keeping an eye on the problem:

“We know that the coast is eroding at a rate of about two to two and a half metres a year. Sometimes it can be a big chunk of coastline that vanishes and then you don’t get any more erosion for a little while.”

But he says the council is limited to what it can do:

“The responsibility and the costs are not primarily born by the council, they are primarily born by those private property owners who live on the coast. But our job is to try and get some funding to try and help with that relocation process.

Councillor Fraser says there’s only so much they can do in a bid to slow erosion along our coasts:

“We’re able to defend the towns better, but there is very little that can be done to hold back the sea. It’s just such a huge force of nature that isn’t economically feasible to do that along the length of the coastline.”

The MP for East Yorkshire, Sir Greg Knight, says he’ll hold a meeting with officials in Whitehall later this year to draw up an action plan:

“We do need to look at other options, what else can be done to help local communities. And very often, if part of the infrastructure goes into the sea, so part of a link road disappears and has to be closed, the council ought to have the funds to put in further infrastructure further back from the sea.”

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Published: Friday 2nd October 2015 by KCFM

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