Council chiefs in turmoil over public reaction to plans

Spag Junction

Published: Sunday 7th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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Council chiefs are in turmoil over public reactions to plans for a spaghetti junction style round-about in Beverley. 

The former Grovehill roundabout has been ‘upgraded’ as part of East Riding Council’s integrated transport plan for the area. The images, released this week first drew criticism on social media with local residents comparing them to a child’s play mat and Birmingham’s notorious Spaghetti Junction.

But this week, a former police officer has claimed the development is a serious hazard and he is concerned for people’s safety.  Retired police officer Sean Finch of Beverley told press that “it’s one of the most dangerous road layouts I’ve ever seen”.  The amount of turns, stops, give-ways and hazards are baffling and I am really concerned for people’s safety”, said Mr Finch.

Concerns have also surfaced over the safety of provisions made for motorists whilst construction is going on. Representatives from The Grovehill Action Group said the current situation is very hazardous for drivers and pedestrians.

East Riding council have referred the public’s concerns back to private contractors Balfour Beaty who they say are responsible for safety in the area.

Will you avoid the new junction?

As concern grows over the new junction, which opens in the new year, residents may be considering avoiding it completely for safety reasons.

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Published: Sunday 7th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (5)
  • Chris Carr

    This is already in place and has resulted in several small “accidents” over the last week.

  • Gerri Scargill

    I usually use this junction daily, and already it is extremely dangerous, for years it has been a roundabout, now suddenly traffic that expects to have the right of way, having got part way round, has to give way. The sort of design that is typical of ‘designers’ that like to make pretty pictures on paper, but will never actually have to risk their lives using it. It will also result in too much stopping and starting of traffic flow, and it is going to have traffic lights, I believe. All that money spent making the roads wider to make traffic flow better, yet there is already a series of traffic lights all the way down Swinemoor Lane, which will end at more at this junction, very clever, not.

  • Roy Davis

    To put ERDC, planning or highways in the same sentance as plan, is in my opinion a travesty of justice, they could no more plan than i could fly to the moon, once again no thought, no common sense just blinkered adherance to a set of “rules”.

    For the chiefs to be in “turmoil” is a laugh, it will be the first time they have ever listened to the public, obviously none of them live near it or use it

  • dave

    MAC, Have you used the rd going out of Beverley at Beckside, i am in van with 2 windows and i can’t look left to see if veh’s are coming, i have to put across the rd and hope the veh’s stop. How do other Driver’s get on with this rd.

  • BikeBits

    Looks super cycle friendly, the car is god! The designers are reflecting our aspirations for motor powered mobility whatever the consequences. Is there a better design solution to accommodate these demands?

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