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Published: Thursday 5th February 2015 by Hull College

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POP (Pride of Place) Art Space in Princes Quay, was set up last year aiming to give local artists a platform to show their work.

POP is a project of The Creative and Cultural Company, their aim is to support artists and make contemporary art accessible to everyone.

After a year, POP has helped form a close relationship between members of the public and Hull artists. Since its launch, the art space has received over 35,000 visitors.

Sophie Duffill, administrator at The Creative and Cultural Company states they have achieved a lot more than they had expected from the initial set up. Sophie said,

“POP was established with the aim to show people of Hull the talented and creative artists we have to offer.

“In one year we’ve had 35,000 visitors, which is fantastic for a pop up art gallery.”

Pride Of Place Art Space was built in Princes Quay to enable a better atmosphere to help art become more mainstream, compared to other local art galleries.

“We chose Princes Quay to help us adopt a warm, welcoming and loud art gallery.”

The arts company has brought Hull’s first ever photography gallery, HIP (Hull International Photography), which Sophie states can only bring photographers closer to members of the public.

“This month we have set up Hull’s first photography gallery, which has seen a large number of talented photographers come forward with their work.”

With the build up to City of Culture 2017, The Creative and Cultural Company are looking to bring in international art for Hull’s iconic year.

Sophie said, “Art will play a massive part in Hull’s 2017 City of Culture, we are looking at bringing international art work in to the City, and hopefully we can announce something positive soon.”


This article was written by Kai Gill, Liam Sutherland and Ami-Jane Marsh, Journalism students at Hull College

Published: Thursday 5th February 2015 by Hull College

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