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Published: Thursday 26th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Catisfaction is a brand new cat cafe that opened down Spring Bank this week.

Amy Donoghue, owner of Not Just Pets on Chanterlands Avenue, is behind the an exciting new venture. The premises provide a home for her beloved rescue cats, as well as a unique space for cat lovers to enjoy.

For £8 per hour, you get an unlimited supply of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and juice, plus two slices of cake. On top of this, you can meet and greet some new feline friends.

The idea has proven popular among local cat enthusiasts, with Amy already inundated with enquiries and bookings.

It’s the first of its kind in Hull, but the UK City of Culture 2017 follows in the paw prints of cities such as Manchester, Cambridge, London, Newcastle and Bristol.

Not only does Catisfaction rehouse a number of moggies, but the experience is said to be very effective as a form of therapy. In theory, pet therapy builds on the pre-existing human and animal bond. Stroking and interacting with a furry pal can help to improve mental health.

According to Healthline, being surrounded by cute creatures can also help physical health, such as reducing blood pressure, alleviating pain and decreasing stress levels.

And before you write it off as fluff, there’s a science behind it. Spending time with a pup or puss can release endorphins that have a calming effect on our brains, which can then lead to a number of health benefits.

On top of this, the cat cafe is the purrrfect spot if you rent a property or can’t commit to looking after your own pet. Simply pop into Catisfaction and indulge in the benefits of having a cuddly companion, without having to dedicate much money or time.

To ensure that it doesn’t become too overwhelming for the kittens, Amy has put a twelve-person limit on the cafe. For the same reason, she is also keen to only allow adults and children over the age of ten into the venue. However, she is keen to host special kids’ days, where little ones can meet the rescue cats.

Amy has been dedicated to helping animals for a long time. Not Just Pets was opened in 2010 and sells a large variety of pet supplies, such as toys, treats, food, hutches and accessories. Mobile services for nail clipping, microchipping and grooming are also provided.

Due to her known passion for animals, many pets have been left on her doorstep or passed onto her for better care. She continuously strives to do her best to take care of them and rehome them, but desperately needed to expand her space for a while.

Catisfaction allows Amy to continue her business and make her own living, as well as provide a much-needed shelter for the many stray and abandoned cats in Hull.

To keep up to date with Catisfaction, please like their Facebook page.

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Published: Thursday 26th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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