Dirty ice cream van shut down

Published: Saturday 13th September 2014 by The News Editor

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A Hull ice cream van called Scooby Doo was found to be so dirty and badly damaged that it was taken off the road and it’s owner was charged £1325 in fines and costs.

The owner, Mr Richard Lister, pleaded guilty to six food safety offences at Hull and Holderness Magistrates Court.

Mr Lister’s van, which traded around the Bransholme estate in North Hull, was filthy and full of holes while food was not protected against contamination.

Rubbish and medication was stored among food items and the wash hand basin was blocked and disused.

There was no sanitizer to clean hands, surfaces or the vehicle’s equipment, which was in a state of disrepair itself and the only cloths found were dirty.

Mr Lister had been aware that a Hull City Council Environmental Health officer had been looking to inspect his vehicle for a few weeks and had been avoiding him.

When the officer did catch up with Mr Lister, he used emergency powers to stop the Scooby Doo van from trading immediately to prevent further risk to public health.

Mr Lister was fined £750, along with £500 costs and a £75 surcharge for his transgressions and, despite being cleaned, his vehicle has not been considered safe to return to the road.

He now rents another ice cream van and continues to trade in the Bransholme area.

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Published: Saturday 13th September 2014 by The News Editor

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