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Published: Tuesday 14th February 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Valentine’s Day is here again, with its heart-shaped eyes and copious amounts of baby language.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not cynical, in fact we adore this celebration of love and affection. That’s why we visited Eden at 85A Newland Avenue to speak to the team about all things floral.

Pictured above: Martin Tyas, Hayley Huggill and Suzanne Patterson

“We like to do things a little differently,” said Martin Tyas, Manager of the incredibly visual store.

“We have the traditional, which we finish off with an unexpected twist. Then we have entirely unique arrangements that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The pink Miss Piggy roses are proving popular this year.”

Eden 7

Buying high quality and fantastically varied flowers from local markets, Dutch suppliers and even Columbia, there’s always something new on display.

Suzanne Patterson, Owner of Eden, said: “Martin and I used to work on Beverley Market. It was my dad’s stall, Malcolm Patterson and Daughter, but we wanted to try our own thing.”

This move was a savvy one, as the independent florist has now been open five years and is more popular than ever.

Suzanne and Martin are a real power duo, merging years of specialist knowledge with advanced retail experience.

In fact, Martin used to design installations for Debenhams and Harrods in London.

This creativity really shines through when you see Eden’s window displays throughout the year.

These have included everything from a Snow Queen to an actual wall of individual flowers. Right now you’ll find an ornate metalwork bull taking pride of place.

Eden 3

“People often associate red roses with 14th February,” says Martin, “but when they visit us we recommend alternatives that are even more romantic, interesting and lovely to receive.”

“As a result, orchids now prove just as popular for Valentine’s Day.”

Eden 2

Eden also excels at suggesting foliage and fillers for bouquets, which really add to the impact.

“Right now we have ginesta and grevillea, which each work really well with some well-chosen flowers.”

Eden 4

Whilst we highly recommend visiting Eden to get some expert advice and inspiration, they also sell pre-made bouquets for those in a hurry.

These are quick, easy and affordable, yet still perfectly arranged by Eden’s team of professional florists. Plus this option is especially convenient if you’re picking them up last-minute before a date.

“We’ve sold all kinds of things for Valentine’s Day,” says Martin, reminiscing. “One person came in and bought a giant yucca plant for their special someone.”

Whilst chatting, we asked if younger people prefer something unusual whilst older people go for the customary red roses.

“Quite the opposite,” says Martin. “People in their teens, twenties and thirties often go for the dozen red roses, whilst those who have been around a bit longer like to experiment.”

Eden 5

With long-running relationships with many individuals, as well as shops, restaurants and schools, Eden are respected across the city for their expertise.

“We’re here all year-round,” says Martin. “We love helping people to create exciting and eye-catching bouquets and floral arrangements, so all you need to do is ask.”

And KCOM can vouch for the florist too, as they supplied the flowers for a video that we’re launching this week. Keep an eye out for it!

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Published: Tuesday 14th February 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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