Do something a bit different this Valentine’s Day

Published: Tuesday 14th February 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Valentine’s Day can be a fun and exciting celebration, with couples often going for a romantic candlelit meal.

However, some people find this a little cliché and switch off entirely. This can lead to them abandoning the celebration, when really all they need is a little inspiration.

So rather than boycotting an opportunity to spend time with a love interest or partner, why not really make the most of it?

Here are some suggestions for a truly memorable 14th February.

Group dates

Let’s start with one that’s not too wacky. Going on a group date is self-explanatory and pretty straightforward, yet the result can be so much different from a traditional date.

Book a meal at a nice restaurant and let the wine flow, but rather than just the two of you, organise it with other couples.

With anywhere from four to forty people coming together, it can become more a Valentine’s party than a date.

The benefits are that there won’t be any awkward pauses, the conversation and laughter will be stronger, and you can even have a wingman/woman to offer moral support.


Alternative? Check. Still romantic? Huge check!

Whether you’re an expert at constellations or can’t tell your Pegasus from your Orion, spend the night appreciating what the universe has to offer.

It can be in your garden or a public place, just make sure to stay safe and take a torch with you if required.

It’s a chilly time of year, so also wrap up warm and pack a blanket for snuggling together under the twinkling celestial bodies.

Late-night picnic

Another outdoor suggestion, sharing a picnic at night can really put you in the mood for love.

You could even combine this with stargazing, or simply enjoy anything from sandwiches to lobster whilst surrounded by nature.

If it’s a public space, we suggest investing in some battery-powered lanterns so that you don’t lose the napkins whilst smooching.

Free hugs

Okay, we’re going super-alternative with this one.

Spread some love as a couple and give out free hugs to colleagues and strangers alike.

We suggest making a cute sign that invites people to get involved, rather than startling them in the street.

Fun and friendly, a free hug can really brighten someone’s day. It’ll also make great memories for you and your date, especially if you take a few selfies with your hug buddies.

DIY gifts

You can’t beat receiving a present that was made from scratch.

Homemade cards are becoming increasingly popular, as it’s a chance to show off creativity and brings a huge smile to the recipient’s face.

This can extend way beyond cards too. You could make an imaginative bouquet out of individual flowers, paint your date’s portrait, write a song, or apply a skill to produce something really quite special.

Be social

Valentine’s Day is a time for being social. We don’t just mean dates; it can cover every part of your day.

Buy a colleague a coffee, give your parents a call, pop out at lunchtime to get cupcakes for the office, or even just spend the evening with a friend if you don’t have a date.

As long as you embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day, you’ll have a happy and relaxing one.

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Published: Tuesday 14th February 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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