“Don’t pay Dave” – locals back Cameron stance


Published: Friday 7th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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95% of Hull & East Yorkshire residents that took part on our poll say the UK should’t pay the £1.7bn it owes the EU.

As the Prime Minister warns other leaders, paying up will make the EU less popular, our readers provide a thumbs up for his stance.

In the poll, we asked if Britain should pay the extra £1.7bn into the EU budget.

EU Poll Results

Poll took place online at HEYToday.co.uk from 25/110/14. Sample: 433

Although the poll may come as a boost for the the PM, it contains a stark warning.  Nearly three quarters of people we polled want to leave the EU altogether; a view that will worry ministers if repeated nationwide.

In next years planned referendum on membership, Mr Cameron will be hoping to persuade people to stay in the EU with a raft of reforms to the way the organisation is run.

If the poll makes gloomy ready for David Cameron he can at least draw encouragement from this weeks Home Office report that shows a significant net benefit to Britain’s EU membership.

The message from Hull and East Yorkshire is not all bad for him either. A local business source told HEYToday that many businesses in Hull & East Yorkshire support Britain’s ongoing EU membership and rely on it to trade effectively with  other countries. “People might not like the politics but the economics are good for places like Hull which has a long tradition of trading with the rest of Europe”

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Published: Friday 7th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (3)
  • Sean

    Does that mean we can all stop paying tax? 🙂
    Dave has shot himself in the foot Europe baiting. Whatever he has said in the past he knows too well that being kicked out of Europe means the end for the British economy.
    Who in Europe is going to buy British when the Import taxes are added?

  • keith lambert

    we need to put the great back into britian

  • Kevin Marshall

    Mr Cameron will do whatever feathers his nest re the upcoming G E .
    Don’t be suckered in,the quicker this lot are kicked to the kerb the better,
    ask anyone in the food bank queue this christmas.

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