Dozens of gins on offer at Humber Street Distillery Co

Published: Thursday 4th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Humber Street has quickly become the place to be seen thanks to the enormous Fruit Market regeneration scheme.

With eateries, galleries, pop-up shops, boutiques and a very tempting chocolatier and bakery, there’s tons to do in this exciting area of the city centre. One of the newest developments is Humber Street Distillery Co.

Owned by Lee Kirman and Charlotte Bailey, who recently brought the Minerva pub back to life, HSDC is extremely stylish and very welcoming.

The exposed brickwork pays tribute to the unit’s industrial past whilst also adding to the warmth and elegance of the surroundings. This is complemented by wooden panelling, sophisticated decor and luxurious seating.


Then there are the team members, with their chic white shirts with black buttons and braces. Between them they greet people at the door, offer suggestions, mix up the drinks and provide professional table service.

Being a gin bar, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the spirits. With around 100 different varieties and numerous mixers to choose from, there are some incredible flavours and infusions on offer.

One of us went for a JJ Whitley Nettle, which presents a strong herbaceous punch finished with delicate notes of citrus and coriander. It’s a sweet and easy sipping gin that most will find enjoyable.

Meanwhile, the other tried a Black Tomato. This is a surprising mix of vegetable sweetness with flakes of sea salt. It was chosen whilst feeling adventurous and turned out to be delicious, almost like a liquid salad. (Give it a go, it’s lovely and refreshing.)


Humber Street Distillery Co is open every day except Mondays from 12 noon till late. The bar has been designed for seating only, comfortably accommodating about 80 people, with additional outdoor seating being added.

Another exciting thing to look out for is the opening of their actual distillery. This will give people the opportunity to design and produce their own gins, providing a fascinating and truly unique experience.

Manager Craig Head tells us more: “The distillery will be up and running around the end of August. It has a capacity of 150 litres and we aim to distill three to four times a week. We’ll be producing our own gin right here on Humber Street.”

“The there’s the Tasting Room,” he adds. “We’ve already started taking bookings for gin tasting sessions. You get to try a few different styles, with a barman talking through how it’s made and the story behind the spirit, such as its Dutch origins.”

The gin still is being imported from Germany at a cost of £50,000, so no expense has been spared by the owners. This comes as no surprise, as they also run the Minerva Gin Festival as well as Juniper, the gin bar on wheels. Put simply, they’re big fans of quality gin.

“Fruity gin is really big at the minute,” says Craig. “Especially now the nice weather is coming in. Spiced is slowly creeping in too, as people are wanting to try more obscure offerings. Some of the producers are based nearby, such as Slingsby that uses Yorkshire rhubarb, whilst others are from as far afield as New Zealand.”

If you’re not a fan of gin, HSDC also serves vodka, rum, whiskey, cocktails, wine, beer, champagne and many more popular tipples, as well as soft drinks and hot beverages.

Whilst we simply turned up, it’s recommended that you book a table if planning on visiting at a typically busy time. This can be done by emailing An online booking system will also launch in the next month at

“Come down and discover something you’ve never even heard of before,” says Craig. “Recommending exciting drinks is all part of the service.”

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Published: Thursday 4th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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