Drivers ignoring restrictions to blame for traffic chaos – Humberside Police

Published: Wednesday 1st April 2015 by KCFM

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Humberside Police say yesterday’s traffic chaos was the fault of drivers ignoring restrictions in place.

Both the Humber and Ouse Bridges were shut for hours because high-sided vehicles attempted to cross them – in spite of warnings forbidding such vehicles from doing so – and being blown over by high winds.

Humberside Police Roads Policing Casualty Reduction Officer Barry Gardner said:

“The closures of both the Ouse and the Humber Bridges were caused by drivers not adhering to directives to not drive high-sided vehicles on the bridges.”

“Hundreds, if not thousands, of drivers on the A15, A63, M62 and A614 have been inconvenienced  by people not following instructions on the bridges.  The incidents resulted in significant delays on two of the major routes in our region and officers worked alongside colleagues from the Highways Agency in order to clear the incidents as quickly and safely as possible, while working in very challenging conditions.”

“I cannot stress enough the need to adhere to instructions not to take high-sided vehicles onto these exposed roads.”

Drivers were stuck in traffic for hours on end – one of them was Sally Burke from Hessle, who was trapped on the M62 trying to get to Sheffield. She says she’s furious with the drivers who ignored the wind restrictions:

“I’m very angry. Not only was it a high-sided vehicle, but it was carrying a load – a caravan – which was fragile. These are very selfish people that have ruined people’s days. We set off at lunchtime to go to Sheffield. We had to wait four and a half hours in tailbacks.”

Sally says she thinks more needs to be done to enforce restrictions when they’re applied to bridges in the region, and hold the individuals and organisations which ignore them to account:

“I think officials should be there at the side of the road, taking the names down of all these companies. They advertise the company they’re driving for, so fine the companies. It was scary, in the car with these high vehicles, that were swaying even when they were stationary, and to be amongst that was really scary.”

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Published: Wednesday 1st April 2015 by KCFM

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