Drivers using phones behind the wheel are being targeted by Humberside Police

Published: Tuesday 6th October 2015 by KCFM

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A new campaigns been launched this month, concentrating on tackling the offence .

The intention of this campaign is to:

  • Reduce the incidence of motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving.
  • To improve driver attitude and behaviour with a view to preventing road collisions occurring.
  • To reduce casualties resulting from road collisions, particularly those resulting in fatal or serious injuries.
  • To raise awareness amongst motorists about the potential consequences of driving whilst using a hand held or hands free mobile phone.
  • To provide public reassurance and promote confidence and satisfaction in Humberside Police by providing high visibility policing in urban areas and on roads/routes with high traffic flows.
  • To disrupt, prevent and detect criminal activity, anti-social behaviour and terrorist activity.

Inspector Mark Hughes explains the penalties if caught:

“There’s a fine, and penalty points on your licence. You can also go to court. Habitual people are so dependent on mobile phones and some people flaunt the law, some people do it without even thinking”

He added that drivers are getting crafty at hiding their phones:

“Some people have taken to holding their phone down in the lap, if they’re reading or texting or if it’s on loud speaker. Which is even more dangerous because it’s even more of a distraction as you’re actually looking down away from the road itself.”

Statistics from Humberside Police show a decrease in the number of people reported for being caught using their phone whilst driving:

2010 = 2700 offence reports

2011 = 2957 offence reports

2012 = 2756 offence reports

2013 = 1684 offence reports

2014 = 1339 offence reports

2015 so far = 923 offence reports

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Published: Tuesday 6th October 2015 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • Arthur Tonkinson

    It seems that there is one law for the police and one for the public. I was recently given a lift in a police van that had a seat belt that didn’t work. I mentioned this and the policeman’s response was don’t worry, we have said you needn’t wear it and who else is going to issue you with a ticket.
    Then on another occasion my wife observed a someone in uniform using a mobile phone whilst driving a police car down Beverley Road.

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